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Hello, I'm Michael Veazey &

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Become a Six-Figure
Amazon seller

Learn how to Pick Winning Niche Markets,

Source Quality Products,

 & Launch on Amazon

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The overview for those new to the Private Label model of how to go from nothing to launched. 

Warning: don't expect superficial hacks; this is about hard-won real-life principles that actually work in real life!

How to private label on Amazon

The Killer Product Research Quick Guide

Finding great product niches is critical to your success. That's probably why so many would-be sellers get stuck at this point. Equally, that's why it's critical to get this cracked. 


This free PDF guide will teach you how to: 

  • truly understand the people who will buy your products; 
  • generate original product ideas that you can defend and sell for profit
  • check the Amazon numbers to filter out all but the best market niches.

About Us

Amazing FBA, led by Michael Veazey, is a Podcast, community and set of resources for any UK Amazon Seller (though we welcome all visitors, including our many American, Australian, Canadian and German visitors).

…at our core we’re eCommerce business building experts.

Our aim is to help eCommerce sellers dominate their market, grow rapidly and create profitable, strongly defended brands.

We deliver one-to-one tailored consultancy, highly structured training of processes through online courses and SOPs, and Masterminds of highly motivated entrepreneurs in e-commerce (focussed on Amazon) with substantial turnover and, just as importantly – rapid revenue growth.

We believe “Star” positioning is the bedrock of e-commerce and indeed business success. We also believe sharing in a structured, trusted environment of peers can massively increase business growth and enjoyment compared to working separately in our own businesses.

For e-Commerce Newcomers:

The Amazing FBA Approach for Beginners:


Here at
Amazing FBA,
We Work hard
so you don’t have to.

Actually that's not quite right.We work hard and smart - so you work hard and smart too. Result? You WIN as an Amazon Seller (instead of working hard and dumb- and losing thousands in the process)

When you know how to find the right Amazon NICHE markets, SOURCE products from great Suppliers, and LAUNCH your products with great at scale, you are all set to launch or expand your Amazon Private Label business and become a serious Amazon Seller.

Our Services

A-Z, Soup to Nuts, Zero to Hero. For those starting out with no experience or just a little Retail or Online  Arbitrage experience. Lost to Launched with your first Private Label product within 6-12 months.

With 349 video lessons, it's a detailed set of step by step actions. But broken into bite-sized 3-7 minute videos. Complete with PDF templates for everything from followup emails to ordering checklists.   

The essence of the PLP is to take things in Phases. 

We'll take you through gaining experience via quick Retail Arbitrage. Then we get you to selling a modest test order, costing under $1000. 

Then we get you to launching your first fully fledged Private Label product.

By that point, you have the skills & the confidence to really succeed in real life, not just in your imagination. 

The Gold Standard of Learning is 1-1, personally tailored Coaching. 

Whether following the Private Label Process or dealing with your personal challenges, this will give you the support, accountability and motivation to move forward. 

I can help you if you are moving from no business to first Launch. 

I have also helped those with revenues anywhere from  a few £thousand a month to £100,000 a month to move into private label selling.

We will have a full interview before starting work so if in doubt, apply and talk it over with me. 

Both masterminds work primarily via physical meetings in London & sometimes Europe, plus thriving Facebook groups and online meetings.

Both are by application & interview only. 

The 10K Collective is for sellers doing upwards of £40,000 a month in e-commerce revenue (approx $50,000/€50K). 

The Million Pound Mastermind, only for those doing minimum £100,000 a month (approx $120,000 USD or €130,000) in e-commerce. 

Several members have doubled revenue since joining us 12-18 months ago. Other wins have included adding £500,000 a year in revenue by adding a European marketplace. 

We will have a full interview before starting work so if in doubt, apply and talk it over with me in our interview. 

Amazing FBA
Michael Veazey

Listen and learn how to Increase your income, work when and where and how you want, give your customers products to be proud of… and live a life of personal freedom.

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mindset for entrepreneurs

I’m going to be creating a series of podcast episodes dedicated to the theme of mindset for entrepreneurs.

The reason why  is simple. In the 3 years I’ve been coaching , it is the biggest block to progress for new ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Business Building for Amazon sellers

Amazon business building has been a hot topic for 3-4 years now. For good reason. It is possible to grow a profitable business fast.

However, there are a number of myths about business building on the Amazon platform that often get circulated by over-optimistic course promoters. 

Best business books

"Leaders are Readers."
From business strategy books to books on investment through the inevitable Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Tim Ferriss, I've read them all. 

Here, in order of priority for me, are my top 10 best business books for entrepreneurs. 

Show Highlights

building a brand

Joe Jaques’s story of building a brand
It’s a family business that buys products from China. Joe started working there from age 21.

He took over running the business and building a brand from his father aged around 25.

They had a Salesforce of 6 selling to brick and mortar stores -gradually, they stopped hitting sales targets, and left the business with high overheads.

Selling on Amazon

Ashley is here to talk about selling on Amazon; specifically, the first 18 months.

He’s not a billionaire Amazon seller or revolutionary startup software company CEO.

Ashley is merely a guy who heard about the Fulfilment by Amazon program on the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, and jumped into selling on Amazon, and is now a digital agency owner at Future State Media.

we cover an important principle in the growth of your eCommerce business and the importance of the star principle, as detailed in the book by Richard Koch.

I think this book is so important to everyone who is serious about building a business. So important, in fact, that I purchased a copy for each member of the 10K Collective.


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