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Become a Six-Figure Amazon Seller

Amazing FBA, led by Michael Veazey, is a Podcast, community and set of  resources for any UK Amazon Seller (though we welcome all visitors, including our many American, Australian, Canadian and German visitors).


If you're about to launch your first Amazon product, have just launched or are scaling up to a 6-figure business, then Amazing FBA is for you. We have interviews & resources to help any UK Amazon Seller.

The Amazing FBA Amazon Seller Philosophy is simple

When you know how to find the right Amazon NICHE markets, SOURCE products from great Suppliers, and LAUNCH your products with great at scale, you are all set to launch or expand your Amazon Private Label business and become a serious Amazon Seller.

Here at Amazing FBA, we work hard so you don’t have to.

Actually that's not quite right.

We work hard and smart - so you work hard and smart too.
Result? You WIN as an Amazon Seller (instead of working hard and dumb- and losing thousands in the process)

Dana Derricks, The Copywriting Professor

Amazon Listing Copy Secrets Webinar Replay

Dana Derricks, $1million a month Amazon seller, recently delivered this Powerful webinar exclusively for Amazing FBA:

  • Increase sales 30-50%
  • Spend NO money - just a couple of hours max
  • Thrash your competition!
Sourcing from China

The China Sourcing Quick Guide

Our latest Quick Guide is all about finding products in China & getting them to your Amazon warehouse. 

Part one covers finding a great supplier on Alibaba - including traps for the unwary Amazon seller...

We are just putting the finishing touches to this guide - sign up now to get a copy fresh off the press as soon as we've finished it!

Amazon Listing Optimization Workbook PART ONE front page

The Amazon Listing Copy  Workbook

This free Killer Listing Copy Workbook (Part 1) for the new or experienced Amazon Seller contains Killer Tactics & Super Strategies from Dana Derricks that have made his clients $100s of millions. Part 1 focusses on basic principles and Listing Title. 

If you want up to10% more sales in 10 minutes from the same listing, download & implement TODAY. 

Zero to Hero Mastermind

The Hundred-to-Hero Mastermind 

This mastermind has one aim: to take you from a mere $100 or so a month to $10K a month with a private label product.

It's for anyone who has not yet launched an Amazon product.​​  

Monthly Intensive meetings in person; monthly video call; Monthly action letter.

By application only. 

Mentoring Programme

One-to-one Mentoring Programme

The focus is on getting you launched from no turnover as a new Amazon seller.

Using the proprietary Amazing FBA Zero-to-Launch system, we will:

  • pick high-odds product niches
  • find great suppliers
  • launch your products into the Amazon jetstream of shopping searches.
Amazon Mastermind

The $10K Collective Mastermind

This mastermind has one purpose: to double, triple or even 10X your private label revenue as an Amazon seller.

It's only for those who have an Amazon turnover of at least $10,000 a month. (Most members have considerably more).

Monthly Intensive meetings in person; monthly video call; Monthly action letter.

Only 6-figure Sellers need apply. 

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products to be proud of… and live a life of  personal freedom.

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