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Zero To Hero Mastermind FAQs

The Zero to Hero Mastermind is for those who have not yet launched a private label product or are only doing a few thousand a month in Amazon sales.

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We will expand to maximum 15  members per meeting if demand is high enough. For now, it’s capped at 9 members  per meeting.


Why an Amazon mastermind?

“Isolation is a Dream-Killer”

As online entrepreneurs, we spend way more time on our own than is healthy or motivating. It’s the unspoken downside of this business model.

So will this be another hype and feel-good seminar with little actual impact on my business?
No. While such events are fun and motivating (I attend them myself once or twice a year), they are too general to really move the needle.

Doubtless you’ve been a member of other so-called “Masterminds” with 60 members or so. It could be that the “guru” was excellent and that the other members were also great.

But how much time did you really focussed on  on your current business issues? Really?

This is is a real private label workshop. It will be strictly limited forever to 16 people in one room. We focus on your business exclusively for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Lorraine Harris, Mastermind Member

Lorraine Harris,
Mastermind Member

“I’m already experiencing the benefits of belonging to this group – accountability, focus and huge support. It’s also very enjoyable to meet up with like-minded entrepreneurs. “

We will always focus on your current business issues. 

So in addition to feeling like you belong and having a physical peer group (not just faceless people on…Facebook…irony), you will:

  • Get momentum by having accountability
  • Connect – and get out of the isolation of the Solopreneur (especially the online entrepreneur)
  • Have people to compare yourself with (and dare I say…have a friendly competion with?)
  • Do some focussed work on your current business issues (most important of all)
  • Workshop your most pressing private label concerns

How does the programme work? 

There are 4 basic components.

What are the 3 basic components then?

  1. Monthly Physical Amazon Mastermind Meeting (effectively a private label workshop) in North London  

  2. Access to Exclusive Videos, PDF documents for private label entrepreneurs Value £15/mo

  3. Exclusive Facebook Group & Facebook Ongoing Chat  – Value £10

  4. NEW**Monthly online  accountability video Call**

  5. NEW ** Monthly physical newsletter**

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What will we actually do in meetings?

It’s basically a private label workshop. I will tailor the content to the exact needs of the group. This is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, to start with, I’ll start with tried-and-tested mastermind methods.

The main focus is “Hot-Seating”. This is where you’ll get minimum 20 minutes (often 30) focussed on you and your business. You just  outline briefly your biggest business issue right now and the group members respond individually to your issue.

I’ll also give my input as relevant to your issue, and keep the discussion laser focussed.

As well as getting input into your own business, you learn the skill of quickly assessing someone else’s business model and analysing where the opportunities are, and how to exploit them; and where the issues are, and how to solve them.

This kind of objective thinking is the key to clear-minded business decisions (which is the key to making more money!). So you need to develop the new mental focus and tools needed.

But  it’s very hard to do on your own business. Much easier to start sharpening your business brain on an objective business.

Where do meetings happen?

Our home venue is:
The Hampstead Design Hub,  near the Finchley Road Tube (Jubilee Line) & South Hampstead rail line.

When do they happen?

Meetings are once a month. For now, we use ScheduleOnce software to find a date that works for the most members of the group. In practice, they mostly end up on Satudays. Timings are 11 am-5 pm for now.

So much will it cost?

It’s simply a monthly subscription of £97. You can cancel any time, although you will get loads more from it if you commit for at least 3-6 months.

For those who apply by August 31 2017, you can get a special rate of £49 for life but only if you apply by then. 

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So do I have to pay when I can’t make a particular meeting date?

You simply pay your monthly subscription every month for as long as you remain a member. If you can’t make a meeting, you simply miss out, I’m afraid – but remember we now have a monthly video accountability call.

Is this the right thing for me now?

That depends! A mastermind should help anyone with some initiative, focus  and energy to really improve their game. You need a private label workshop as part of the mix, in my experience. Big groups are one extreme; isolated work is the other. This bridges the gap.

At this price point , it’s a bit of a no-brainer to be honest, as long as you have enough money to do Private Label to start with.

However, this programme is not for serial seminar attenders or shiny object chasers! (Don’t feel too bad if you’ve done that…that was me for years…) It’s for those who are motivated action takers. I owe it to the other group members.


Do you put sellers who are already selling in the same group as people who have not yet launched a product?

Not any more. It works to a point but people who are already selling have different needs to those who have yet to launch. That’s why I’ve recently created this  new mastermind group specifically for those who need help launching.

Do work with beginners/those who have not yet launched?

YES – that is why we have just launched the “Zero to Hero Mastermind” – it is the same basic format as the main mastermind but geared to the needs of those who are just starting out, or at least, who do not have product live yet.

That’s why I need to have the application process.

Please note, as a minimum, you will need to have:

  • Sufficient capital to start a private Label business (so at least £3000 for inventory as a minimum),
  • Enough time to devote to it (so at least 15-20 hours a week)
  • Some kind of evidence that you have the right experience & mindset to be a successful Amazon entrepreneur.

Do you work with those who are just turning over a  few thousand $/£/€ a month?

Yes, I do. If you are close to $10k/month turnover, you can apply for the $10K Collective (FAQs).

If there is enough demand, I will run separate classes for those in the $500-$9,999 income range.

For now, you can join us in the Zero to Hero Mastermind.

Or you could explore mentoring with me, Michael Veazey.

As long it seems like a good fit (you’ll need to fill in a short questionnaire and have a short phone call with me to check that before we would work together), and I believe you will contribute to the group, I’m happy to consider you.

Do you work with more advanced sellers?

Yes, in The $10K Collective (click the link to find out more). As the name implies, you’ll need to be doing at least $10K/month on Amazon to join.

Will you work with just anyone?

Not if I don’t believe we can help you. I also need evidence that you’ll be a valuable member of the group.

As we are geared to creating your own Private Label , the main requirement is that you have sufficient capital to start a private Label business (so at least £3000 for inventory as a minimum, preferably £5000+),

Why? It’s all about you – you need to know who you are dealing with, and whether I’m the right person to help you.

If in doubt, please do apply.

APPLY HERE for the Zero to Hero Mastermind

We will have a chance to talk on skype if you get through the written application stage. At that point, you should clear up any remaining doubts you have. After that, only if both and I are 100% satisfied, should we be considering going ahead.


How many people do you have in the mastermind at one time?

The max I will ever have is 16 people. If we expand beyond that, I will start a new group for those people.

Email me to ask more  or APPLY HERE for the Zero to Hero Mastermind

If I’m not ready to work with you yet, can I apply in a few months’ time? 

By all means wait if you feel it’s right for you.  It’s got to make sense for your business.

I ought to be open and honest and say that, just like I have with mentoring, I’ll be putting prices up after a couple of  two months.

Since supply of places will always be strictly limited, if I start getting more applicants (and I will be letting hundreds of  listeners, email subscribers and Facebook group members know about it), I will obviously start putting up the price to manage demand. That has already been happening with mentoring.

(Business 101- Supply and Demand determine price. If you forget that, your Amazon business will sink, by the way!)

Can I get started with a few hundred pounds in Private Label?

If you have almost no money,  then you shouldn’t be going into Private label as a business model. I’m really sorry to be the person to tell you, but there is not enough honesty around about that. So it falls to me to tell you.  Sorry. If you have a few hundred pounds, I would honestly suggest you do one (or, if you’re really ambitious, all!) of the following to build capital:

  •   Get another job, work more hours in your job, do some consulting on the side.
  • Do some Retail Arbitrage.  (teaches you some Amazon basics and can be a quicker cheaper way to get cash) I don’t do or teach this, I’m afraid.
  •  If nothing else, find a successful Amazon seller and work for him/her and learn the system (also teaches you Amazon basics).

Is this a good use of my money ?

As long as you have enough money to go into Private Label products in the first place (at least £3000), then – yes.

If you have to think about £50-100 a month, you may not  really have enough to go into private labelling anyway…

At  this price, I still think it’s great value.

Of course, for anyone who does nothing with the information, stimulus and guidance they get, it will still be a waste of money!

That’s why I do my best to ensure there is a good fit before I work with you.

Michael Suit silver background 170 KBThat’s it! Thanks for reading.

Any Questions, just: Email me to ask more.

Otherwise, I wish you all the best with your Amazon Business!

P.S. Don’t wait too long! If you decide you are interested, just apply for the Zero to Hero Mastermind.