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May 19, 2020

Women of Amazon – Branded By Women Conference Leaders

Branded By Women Conference created by Danny McMillan of Seller Sessions

Today’s Guests:
Jana Krekic of YLT Translations

Sylv Stefanowicz of Bilbette

Michele Venton – Amazon Business Seller!

What’s important about the conference?
Michele – excitement to attend the event – great content –
– Men and women
– Important to hear different voices and stories
– Different strategies
– Find something that suits them
– It’s not all about black hat ranking

– Everyone shares stories
– See how it’s possible to do/try
– Divided into 3 days.
– Mindset
– Mastery
– Marketing

– Can go back
– Surprised by the sheer number of women in the game

– Mindset
– As women always bringing selves down
– But don’t have to be loud and centre of attention
– So many introverts running successful businesses
– Valuing selves more as women
– Eg fashion – body shy etc etc

Why a conference for Women?

– Women more about brand and relationships
– Men are more transactional
– Creating a lovely brand

Michele People have often said “this will be fantastic for my wife”
– I’ve always wanted her to get involved
– If men aren’t so good at the relationship side, maybe they do
– A lot of husbands drive this

Jana – International expansion and localisation
– know your audience
– Adjusting to this
– Miserable failure story!

Why expand ?
– PPC can be cheaper than USA
– Revenue can equal USA
– “How do I get ahead of the game?”

– Jana’s Background story – Serbia
– Doing something wanted with life
– Courage to start own business

Amazon copyrighting
– Keywords
– Language
– Not literal translation from US to Germany doesn’t work
– They want to know solution of product and features etc

Sylv How can male marketers market better to female buyers
– 90% of US sales are to women or by men who buy after consulting with women
– How women shop is important
– Fashion – Sylv – more
– More demanding
– Consider all options available
– In Germany even more demanding (
– Eg ASOS tried to apply UK marketing to Germany but came close to a profit warning
– Every country there are ways to shop
– What is considered attractive
– What budgets are eg in Poland like USA

Michele – need to know your avatar
– It Comes down to knowing your audience
– What voice you can talk to them in
– Eg humour – does it translate?
– Japan – culture v different – change listing completely
– Know your brand
– Core values
– Tone of voice
– Fit culturally
– In Europe excluding UK 25% of revenue
– Completely different ballgame
– Eg Spanish – out in the summer with families
– Not online!
– Postal system not designed for online shopping
– France
– Taxes so huge
– Germany –
– Returns high
– Tough crowd

Why this matters?

– not offering a service
– Not going to become a consultant or mentor
– If I can motivate or inspire anyone it’s mums who have felt somewhat trapped
– Bringing up young kids
– Trapped by finances
– By environment
– inspiration that this is accessible to them bec M started from there
– Kids moving primary to secondary
– Left corporate
– Maybe they hated it
– Shows you can certainly carve out a new

Jana – Showing What women are capable of

Barbie vs Ken!
– Had an assortment of jobs
– Always hair dressing
– Neuroscientist!
– Can not name a job ken had!
– Women forget what they’re capable of doing!
– MeToo to everything
– New voices will be given an opportunity

Sylv – biggest USP of the conference
– 30 speakers
– Different cultural backgrounds
– So empowering
– People will find something more about themselves
– Modern entrepreneurship is tough
– Low attention span
– Saturated markets

For more info on the Branded By Women conference, CLICK HERE

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