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Why Needing An Employee Wellbeing Program Is Now Unavoidable

In the new world we find ourselves in, it’s difficult to not agree that mental health is at the forefront of everybody’s concern. Now that the coronavirus lockdown is slowly lifting, we have to come to terms with the newfound environments we face at work. Employees are stressed out about their loved ones’ health, finding it difficult to focus. People are worried about their finances, leading them to make casual mistakes at work because their mind is somewhere else. On top of this, some people don’t know how to resolve conflict at work and choose to bottle it all up. What are the hidden dangers of this new state? What happens if you don’t have an employee wellbeing program?

When stress boils over

If an employee is feeling stressed at work and outside of work in their personal life, it’s only a matter of time before they explode. Their reaction depends on the kind of person they are. It might be collapsing into a flood of tears, having a bout of explosive violence, just shutting down emotionally or freezing, and possibly harming themselves. You don’t want your employees to feel as if they cannot take little breathers in between tasks or even in the middle of them. This is why, having an employee recreational space, such as a lounge, games room, or just a cafe dedicated to them, is so valuable. You wouldn’t believe how brilliant it is, to have just half an hour alone, away from work, enjoying a coffee and a Danish in the middle of a task. They will come back with a clearer mind, ready to approach the challenge.

Outside of work

Employers cannot be everywhere at the same time and the biggest challenge for them has been, what to do about employees that bring their personal lives to work? Well, you can’t help that, can you? What happens in your personal relationships, finances and health concerns cannot just be forgotten as soon as you walk into work. However, if you click here you’ll find there is a solution that employees can use whenever they want. Specifically designed for businesses, this employee wellbeing app and service, allows employees to contact a counselor and talk about literally, anything. If they have financial troubles or want advice on where to invest, they will be given knowledgeable advice they can count on. Equally as important is their mental health, counselors can give them coping techniques and or help them through a mental hurdle.

Conflict resolution

Your HR department should be at the forefront of any employee wellbeing program. The most critical part they can play is resolving at-work conflict. Employees that hate each other openly is something that’s out in the open and you don’t have to dig around to find the reason. Employees that brood and silently hate each other, spells big trouble for your business as cooperation and communication can completely break down. This is why your HR department should pay closer attention to what is going on in the workplace and pick up signs of conflict due to late reports, missing deadlines, departments or employees constantly arguing, etc.

An employee wellbeing program is the new gold mine for productivity increases. It’s finally coming to be understood by the mainstream business minds, that personal and work-life concerns of employees have to be treated the same.