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October 22, 2019

Video Marketing Principles with Rick Cesari

Today, Rick explains his video marketing principles. Also getting an audience for your products in a way that pays for itself.

Learning evergreen marketing principles 

Evergreen structure 

Not only speeches – like the Carnegie book 50-60 years old still works

The reason why is that human nature doesn’t change.

Youtube is big now – now we buy via Amazon but it may change again.

Rick is a fan of learning from past generations. Copywriting from Direct response for the sears catalogue.


Budgets and ROI/ affordable

How to do an MVP video affordably

This can be one of the blocks. How to get started inexpensively.

Video marketing – it’s not the production quality; it’s the CONTENT.

Marketing today is easier than it used to be though. Even 10 years ago, you had to hire a crew and an expensive camera – $50-60K cost!

Lower barriers of entry are the quality of the video you can produce on your iPhone or Android phone – it’s 4K =same quality.

Two classic errors in production

Get the visual part right -the phone will do this.

  1. Lighting
  2. Sound

For under $100, you can buy a lighting and sound kit.

Rick just ordered one on Amazon – lighting kit with an attachment with a circular lightbulb “Ubeesize” light with remote control and an attachment for your iPhone!

IF you go to the “video marketing institute” – Rick has the basic subscription.

Adam Paine  – British but lives in Tokyo – does an amazing job of getting into the detail of creating a video for Pinterest, Instagram etc. He really cares about helping his subscribers.

When to scale up/invest in videos

A downloadable guide to most effective video content and how to produce them.

Companies that are successful and looking to scale – 5X or 10X

Rick Cesari tries to find the one things that people are responding to

And put ad dollars in and getting a return.

Doesn’t matter if it’s $50/week on FaceBook based on the breakeven model.

Find the channel you can make successful and gear it up.

It doesn’t matter what the channel is.

Rick goes for 2:1 – 2 dollars back for every dollar invested.

Once you have the key to one channel, it will usually continue to work.

Some campaigns spend up to $1 million a month on ads.

Until the results start to diminish, you should keep spending.

What about Facebook “ad fatigue”?

That’s a tricky issue – Rick has not run into it himself.

The other thing Rick’s agency does with companies, especially Amazon businesses, are trying to help them build a database of customers outside Amazon.

Rather than selling people to products via 2 steps from FaceBook, they’ll try to build a mailing list and try to build the business. Product marketing via emails

It’s a slower way to build but creates more value.

One example is Rick working with “Puriya” to build an email list and do email marketing.

Emails still work

Natural star based in Seattle – based on email marketing

YouTube seems to be creating more evergreen value than FaceBook

Plugable is a high-8 figure Amazon seller (top 150 Amazon) and Rick’s clients

Largest seller of docking stations on Amazon – competing with giants like Anker

Every new product has a YouTube video and that is deployed on YouTube channel (15K subs)

Use that on product listings as well.

They find that helps conversions.

One thing Rick is working is making in the videos more effective –

  • Build-in infographics
  • Build in a Call To Action

Origin story

They’ve been doing this for 8 years now – it’s really important for sellers that the founder has an origin story.

On your commerce site and your YouTube channel, you should have an origin story.

People are curious about the “Why” behind companies. The best way to communicate that is with a video interview.

Look at what they are doing on YouTube, own site, Amazon – consistency is crucial.


Consistency in the message and in the visual messaging helps build a brand.

Every video that builds with a logo, builds a brand impression.

Topic: Amazon live

Has anyone had any success yet?

Rick pushed his client Plugable to do Amazon live. Rick thought it would be very similar to a QVC/home shopping channel but do it in your office.

The fact of demonstrating product life would really help sales.

They did  6 of them -did FaceBook live at that point.

So far, there is not much return! Because Amazon itself is not doing a good job of finding an audience for it yet. And that’s the hard part. So, it hasn’t been worth the time and effort to this point.

Rick also hasn’t heard from anybody that is having success yet.

It’s about how to get an audience – getting an audience for your products in a way that pays for itself.

It’s in Amazon’s interest to make it work! So they will figure it out.

Facebook Live is already effective 

Rick does book promotions on that. Will also be doing that for book launches and report back!

What are the top 3 things to do?

  1. If you’re not using video, Start! Society is becoming video first! Deploy on Amazon
  2. Review your images and video on the listing. Be sure to call out the benefits of the product and in product graphics. You should see an increase in conversions.
  3. Keep learning – keep reading books, taking courses, and going to masterminds and other peer groups.

About Rick Cesari

–   Direct response marketing for 30 years

  • Launched  – Sonic Care, Go Pro Camera, Lean Green Grilling Machine (George Foreman )
  • Now using this Knowledge to help Amazon sellers.
  • Author – 1st Book “Buy Now”, 2nd book “Building Billion Dollar brands”; 3rd book about to come out

Direct Branding

RIck has a company called “Direct Branding”

They take the concepts from TV advertising and apply them to 7-, 8- and 9-figure e-commerce businesses.

How to contact Rick to explore working with his agency: 

Just email: Rick@rickcesari.com 

Learn more about Video Marketing from Rick Cesari here.


On Tuesday, Oct 15th when you purchase a copy of Rick’s book, Video Persuasion on Amazon, you will receive:

➢    Gift #1: Rick’s very own Video Scriptwriting Template that we use for our video shoots!

➢    Gift #2: A FREE book, 101 Fast, Good, Cheap Hacks for Writing a KILLER Sales Letter, by Jack Turk (Digital version)

And, your name will be automatically entered into a drawing for these fabulous Bonuses:

➢    Grand Prize Bonus #1: Be a guest on the set of a George Foreman TV commercial shoot!

➢    Bonus #2:  Entered into a Drawing for a one (1) hour consultation with me $1000 (3 available)

➢    Bonus #3:  Entered into a Drawing for a Video Persuasion/WealthFit  Online Instruction Course   (5 available)


Launch page with bonuses: http://amazingfba.com/rick-cesari

Amazon link for the paperback book: https://amazingfba.com/rick-cesari-paperback-book


Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

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