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October 29, 2019

Translating Amazon Listings with Jana Krekic

Translating Amazon listings is really a challenge. It’s tempting to just use google translate, but will it really bring you the best outcome?


Regular E-commerce and Amazon  translation comparison

Can’t you just use google translate?

Can’t you use Fiverr translator for Translating Amazon listings?

Even just a high-quality translator?

A lot of YLT’s clients have already had a translation done by someone on Fiverr.

They can’t just be regular translations. The style needs to be what the client wants.

A lot of clients want to keep the story-telling.

Localisation and keyword strategy placement and search terms on backends are critical in Translating Amazon listings.

“Red travel mug” is a keyword – the algorithm isn’t going to recognise the keyword and rank you for it.

You need fresh keyword research

“Please translate search terms”  – this is absolutely wrong!

You can lose a lot of time and page rank because of CTR being low.

Selling in new market, Amazon will give you a honeymoon period for a period. That is misleading.  

If after a month, if you use the wrong search terms for Translating Amazon listings.

Long-tail keywords are critical.

Regular translator and Google Translate

Emails, packaging etc. – anything non-keyword orientated.

Google translate is getting a lot better. But it’s risky to use for keyword research.

If you put “faucet” in Google translate into Italian, you’ll get something completely different – it’s not a “faucet” ie tap

You need the help of a native speaker.

Sometimes it is just completely wrong. Sometimes it won’t show the right product on Amazon.

You must always type it into Amazon!

Danish e-commerce example

Spring in a couch – somebody just used google translate – the result meant “Spring” as in the season of the year!

That can often happen – often you don’t know if a translator is using Google translate unless you speak the language like a native.

You need to hire a proofreader: translation it is very subjective so you need somebody else to check the work for Translating Amazon listings.

Keyword research

How do you deal with keyword research in different markets?

Love to use Helium 10  2-3 ASINs to try free

Sonar  gives some results – not as good as Helium10

Amz suggestion expander – Chrome extension

H10 may not be good if it’s unpopular among other sellers.

Say travel mug – keywords  that come before and after this – decent long-tail keywords

You don’t get search volume.

Long-tail keywords vs. Short tail keywords  – they mark it in red.

Clients don’t like repetition  – a lot of people send files

First steps

  1. Find competitors
    • Volume per month
    • Their keywords
    • Go to “Magnet” in H10  – basic keywords  you want to rank for
      • Plus competitor keywords  (look at the title)
    • If it’s a popular product – look at 120-150 as a minimum result, 1000s is better
  1. Check Competitor ASINs
  • Go to Cerebro 
  • ”Get competitors”- 6-7 ASINS
  • Get keywords   – get excel sheet (Advanced)
    • Ranking competitors – at least 2
    • Search volume min. 150 – you get long-tail keywords
    • Don’t want single keywords
  • High search volume with nobody ranking – you should include in your title – this happens quite a lot
  • High traffic keywords  go into title if possible
  • Minimum 3 keywords  in your title

First 2 bullets  & description are critical

If you have product description (not Enhanced Brand Content, EBC) put high traffic keywords in the beginning.

That’s important because on amazon app on phone, headline, description, bullets.

Only issues are Mexican and Japanese markets

Have to manually look at the competition

Most tools don’t work there.

But Amz suggest expander works in Japan

Amazon Launchpad

Free services – “I don’t know if it’s any good”

It’s an automated translation – it’s no better than Google Translate.

It’s expensive to hire good native translators.

What is the purpose of a listing?

Keywords are really important.

A lot of people don’t read your listing!

A lot of listings only get 1st 1000 characters listed.

Nobody wants to read a novel in your bullets.

You can do brand storytelling in EBC.

When people land on your listing, if they read it, they will mostly want to read EBC, not the bullets.

Always write text on your images – if you’re selling an ice-cream cone, have happy families.

Brand story-telling – a lot of people buy because they can relate to it.

Cultural localisation

US listings – wake up and grab a coffee etc. very happy!

German listing – clean, pure facts.

Promos and coupons

People like that – other products can show up under “frequently bought together”

Language-specific issues

German culture

Forms of you “Sie” or “Du” – formal or informal.

Culturally, you need to be very clear and transparent – exact material description etc.

Not too long – they want the facts!

Long-tail keywords  in German

In German, there are a lot of compound words that are not compound keywords.

So you may use single long words when translating a keyword.

The title in Germany may be a lot longer than the English language listing. You may have to adjust

Descriptions and bullets will be longer than English


I have something with no accents on it. You can save a keyword by using it in Caps – this will get high traffic search volume. You can’t use them elsewhere.

Descriptions and bullets will be longer.

Native speaker

You really need a native speaker to do keyword research.

One client they have has a Filipino VA do keyword research using google translate but that doesn’t work well.

There are things that are very specific to different cultures especially the style/feel.

Stay up to date

Random translators don’t understand algorithm changes.

Jana has good friends n the industry, the mastermind, they see each other o=n events so she is up to date.

Keeping an eye on the FaceBook groups.

Old grandfathered listings – new changes of the algorithm often don’t change those listings.

But if they decide to optimise the listing,  the listing might get banned

What is your process?


There is no word limit per listing eg 500 words or 1000, flat rate – they are the only ones in the market to do this.

Jana wanted to give clients a chance to see how well they can do in a new market.

 Deal for listeners

Deal – 20% discount – code Amazing20 – email or anywhere else in the system with code.



You can have someone live 24/7 on chat!

Last-minute bits of advice?

Use native speakers for Translating Amazon listings.

Also someone with keyword research ability.

Always ask for proof of work.

Use a proofreader – someone who understands the language extremely well.

Don’t use Google Translate!


About Jana Krekic

YLT – Your Listing Translations


YLT does Listings, ads, packaging, review responses and Q & A.

Also, do customer service – can send question from customers in German –

Don’t do customer support as such – just the translations.

They have 7-9 figure sellers, about 800 listings a month – a lot of experience with adapting listings from say the USA to German and Japanese.

Strategic use of keywords and localising the listing.

Do translations from English to other languages and from German to other languages.

They cover All European markets and Japan.

There are a lot of good opportunities – you don’t need a specialised team.

Not only native speakers but experts in Amazon keyword research.

Jana’s background

Jana has a masters in translation. She worked in the biggest Danish e-commerce company for 8 years – they had 4 people to start with and Jana became CEO of over 300 people!

She learned how to build e-commerce from scratch and how to sell on Amazon -had 100,000 products on Amazon.

Jana then quit her job to start working with YLT translations.


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We only promote those products or services that I have thoroughly vetted (in many cases, personally use) and truly feel deliver value to you. It will never cost you extra to go via our affiliate link as opposed to going direct. Indeed, we always try to get an extra deal or bonus for Amazing FBA listeners and readers.


Watch my full interview with Jana Krekic

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