The Services that SellerCandy can Offer with John Cavendish
The SellerCandy Services with John Cavendish

John Cavendish an Amazon seller with a 7 figure FBA business and co-founder of SellerCandy will show us what services they offer and how they can help in different types of businesses.

One of the biggest downsides to life as an Amazon seller is the host of small tasks that buzz around like insects distracting you from higher-value tasks. Things like dealing with the same issue in a case on Seller Central that takes 10 emails to get a resolution; dealing with customer service; keeping track of all the numbers etc. It’s no fun and it’s low value. 

Obviously one of the solutions is to have your own staff. That’s a much better step than doing low-value tasks yourself, of course. The thing is though that if you find someone cheap, you have to retrain them yourself. You have to create all the training materials, structures (SOPs etc.).  Then you have the issue of people quitting every so often and needing to start that process from scratch. 

So in a situation like that, it can make a lot of sense to just hire in a ready-made solution. Not only can you hit the ground running but you won’t have the future burden of updating SOPs and hiring, firing, and retraining workers either. 

As an experienced 7-figure Amazon Private Label seller, John Cavendish hit all the above issues and decided to offer the solutions he found to other Amazon sellers in the same boat.  He shares the issues and the solutions he’s found to dealing with them. 


You’ll learn about:

  • What you can find on Account Audits
  • The different task types they offer
  • When is the perfect time to outsource
  • The specific issues on Amazon and how to solve them
  • The importance of monitor listing
  • The significance of buy box suppression
  • How to deal with hijackers
  • Some issues with the Brand registry that John solves
  • How to layer coupon codes while protecting your sales price

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