The E-myth Revisited & the Ecommerce Seller with Will Christensen
The E-myth Revisited & the E-Commerce Seller with Will Christensen from

Will Christensen is the founder and CEO of, a software company that focuses on integration and automation for small and large scale businesses.

Automation is a necessity for your business, it helps you improve process control and reduce downtime and human error. 

Will Christensen will be sharing about E-Myth and the roles of an E-Commerce seller.


You’ll learn about:

  • How Will started his journey in Automation
  • The 3 distinct roles that have to exist in the business
  • Why Automation should be the Pivot point
  • The different hats an entrepreneur should wear
  • The importance of defining the process before automation
  • The role of a technician
  • What does seeing the future means for an entrepreneur
  • Why delegation is very important
  • The advantages of getting a Virtual Assistant


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