Thanks for subscribing (Zero to Hero Mastermind PLUS 60) 2 - Amazing FBA - How to sell on Amazon UK

Thanks for subscribing (Zero to Hero Mastermind PLUS 60) 2

Thanks SO much for Subscribing to the Zero to Hero Mastermind.

We are going to bust a gut to give you the best possible value here…

Here’s what to do RIGHT NOW…

Amazon Mastermind London

STEP 1. Make sure you "whitelist" [email protected] in your email system.

That's vital, otherwise you'll miss all kinds of important information!

STEP 2: Join the Facebook Group

Put in your request to add yourself to our vibrant community at the relevant Facebook Group:

“Zero to Hero” Mastermind (pre launch) HERE

(We’ll approve your request within 24 hours on working days)

The Facebook Group is where we’ll host our monthly Accountability Video Calls. I’ll also put up info about the physical monthly London meetings.

So it's also very important to join that. 

STEP 3: Check your email regularly for meeting dates

I'll also email you to schedule meeting dates - or tell you what dates we have scheduled. 

We will generally be aiming for the last Thursday and/or last Saturday each month, but may need to vary that occasionally eg for Christmas.


Although your subscription covers the COST of meetings, you'll need to book in for each and every meeting, once we've agreed on the dates. We have strictly limited numbers at each meeting so I need to know if you're coming in good time so I can sort out venue space. 

If you have any issues, just email me at [email protected] and we’ll sort you out!

STEP 4: Book in your first one-to-one consultation

  1. Read these instructions first
  2. Navigate to the link below 
  3. WAIT for page to load completely
  4. Scroll to   “Online Mentoring One-to-one”
  5. Click on blue “Book Now” next to that
  6.  Confirm your time zone and click Next
  7. Pick a date
  8. Pick 1 or 2 time slots on that date
  9. ( OPTIONAL - Pick new date and pick new time slot(s) on that date)
  10. Fill in your name, email & mobile number, and Skype User Name and click DONE. 

The booking link is:


Remember you are selecting max 3 slots  in total (so across ALL dates) for this interview

Time Zone issues

If you have made a mistake with the Time Zone, 

  1. Find the Time zone info (to the right of the word “Duration”
  2. click the blue word “Change” next to the Time Zone info. 

Do not use the Back Button on the browser unless you wish to start again.

Changing selected times

If you wish to change the times you have suggested:

  1. Find the “2” in the greyed out circle, and  “Time: You have suggested”
  2. Click the blue text “multiple times (Change)” to go back and change the times.

Do not use the Back Button on the browser unless you wish to start again.

Any issues, please just email me at [email protected]

Look forward to meeting you in person!

Best wishes, 


Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA Host