There is no substitute for the clarity, simplicity and connection of a face-to-face meeting.

Working together for a whole day gives us the time and space to really dig deep into your current roadblocks and get a crystal clear plan for removing them.

It also gives us time to create a robust plan for your next 12 months and the next 90 days.

We have time to deal with each of the key areas in your business in detail.

You should get email and text notifications reminding you when we are meeting.

If there are any doubts at all, please just text me on 07946 495639. Please keep this number confidential - I only hand it out to my consulting clients!

Look forward to working with you to remove the roadblocks and move your business forward - fast!

Best wishes,


One-to-one Online Mentoring Programme

Like the Face-to-Face one-off consult, this is geared to getting you to 5 figures a month as fast as possible. 

We will: create a structured plan for your business for the next 90 days, and next 12 months

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  • You will learn a structured, quick process for finding niches
  • You'll learn how to find great suppliers, eliminate quality issues and import smoothly
  • You'll learn how to launch your products into the Amazon jetstream of shopping​

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