Thanks for booking a 10K Collective Amazon Mastermind meeting!

Looking forward very much to your contribution - and to helping you!

We'll be aiming to help you achieve

INSPIRATION - sharing the highs (and lows) of business with  people who get you

What to do now:

  • CHECK YOUR EMAILS in case anything changes
  • CHECK FOR SMS MESSAGES - you'll be reminded just before the meeting (assuming you ticked the box to be updated)
  • If you need to cancel, please do so as far in advance as possible.
  • IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL, please do it via the Scheduleonce system (you'll get a cancellation link in each email). 
  • PLAN YOUR TRAVEL - we will be starting punctually
TO prepare for your hot-seat: before you come to the meeting:
  • FOCUS - pick ONE roadblock that will really move the needle for your business.
  •  If you can't decide, that's your roadblock. Which is fine - that decision is what you will emerge with. Not a complete plan. Remember - you have max 30 minutes of focussed time! 
  • GATHER THE (RELEVANT) NUMBERS -e.g., revenue/30 days, units sold, conversion rate, etc. 
  • Again if you're stuck on this, that may your roadblock. So we can deal with that in your session too. 

What NOT to do
Horrible Housekeeping:

  • Failing to check  emails 
  • (I know life intervenes, but please think of it as having one Get Out of Jail card. Those who do it more than once or twice a year,  may find I reconsider their membership)
  • Bypassing the system when cancelling or booking a meeting
  • Being late
Poor preparation:
  • Coming in with 2,3 or more topics to "focus" on.
  • Not bringing any numbers (assuming that you do actually have and understand them).
  • Again if you're stuck on this, that may your roadblock. Which is also fine. Understanding the numbers becomes your focus. 


Sorry to be so boring - just wanted to have clear expectations for our work together.It's all part of running a tight ship, with hand-picked, great people. 

The result is all worth it, I promise! 

I am working hard (and will work hard) to create and nurture the BEST Amazon Mastermind in the UK!  
I'm so happy that you're a part of that and I aim to have you leave with amazing value and insights from each and every meeting. 

Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA host

Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA Host