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Thank you for booking your strategy consultation

Our Strategy Consultation Call

I'm looking forward to our call.

The purpose of the call is to finish answering the question "Is this a good fit?"

In order to answer that for both of us, I'm just going to cover the following questions:

  • Why me? And why now?
  • Part 1: RESULTS
  • Where do you want to be in 12 months? What will your income look like? 
  • Part 2: REALITY
  • Where are you now? Financially? Work life? Home life? Time/energy available?
  • Part 3: ROADBLOCKS
  • What are the biggest 3 blocks to achieving the results you want? Which is the single biggest block?

HOW to use Zoom for our sessions

  1. A couple of minutes before our session, click on this link:
  2. If you already have Zoom installed, it should open zoom
  3. Otherwise download zoom
  4. Install zoom and open
  5. If you are prompted to enter a meeting ID, mine is 325-023-5890
  6. Don’t forget to unmute your microphone and turn on your video!

Bear in mind that this is not like Skype - you’re not calling me; we are meeting in a virtual online meeting room. So you won’t see me there ahead of time! 

iPhone & Android Zoom app

There is an iPhone and an Android app (there may be a  Windows Phone app too -have a look in the relevant app stores). 

Just install the app from the Apple App Store. (Or android/windows equivalent) 

Once it’s installed, click on the URL given:

It will open to the Zoom app and the relevant meeting room

Michael Headshot

I'm really looking forward to talking to you then! 

Best wishes,