I'm really looking forward to working with you and moving your business forward!

There are three final things I need you to do so everything goes smoothly for you:

1. Whitelist emails

Please make sure you whitelist emails from support@scheduleonce.com. You will get notifications and details of all mentoring (and indeed mastermind events if you are involved in those). If in doubt, check your "SPAM" folder.

2. Set up the Tech

Please your Laptop or Desktop 

Yes it's possible to use a tablet or even a smartphone in theory. And if you're travelling, maybe that's what you need to do to keep things going.  But honestly, you aren't going to be creating and running any serious online business from an iPad.

Please set up your Laptop or Desktop for our calls if humanly possible. We can screenshare easily & you'll have access to full features of software/Seller Central etc. 

Set up for Zoom

 Zoom is basically an app that you download to your computer. If you've ever been on a webinar via GoToWebinar, it's similar - just easier!  (Zoom also exists on mobile phones BUT I'd urge you to use a laptop or desktop for our sessions). 

The audio and video is more reliable than Skype. Also we can screen share without our computers grinding to a slow pace! I promis‚Äče it's worth the  extra two minutes to set up. It's (usually) very straightforward.

See below for more details. 

At the time of our call, just click on this URL: www.amazingfba.com/zoom

Please DON'T click on the link too early as I may be helping others in the same room!

3. Download "The 20" worksheet

I have a nifty little sheet (created by coach Taki Moore) that we use to keep our sessions focussed and have a good record for goals/actions you're going to take after the session. 

Please download  & either print it off or have it in an editable form (ie so you can write in it!). 

You don't need to do anything else but please have it ready to write in/on during our call. 

Setting up for our call with Zoom 


1. click this link a few minutes before our meeting time: 


2. Download Zoom as prompted (or get the app if on an iPhone or Android or Blackberry)

3. Open the app

4. If prompted for a meeting ID, please enter meeting ID 325-023-5890
That's it!

(If you click in at random times, by the way, I won't be there! It's not like a Skype call)

Click Here to watch the basics in a video (in literally 53 seconds!)

If you have issues, please read the instructions below. 

If after that, you can't get through to me via Zoom, just call my mobile: 07946 495639. 

(please keep this number confidential).

Allow "Tech Time"

It should very fast and easy to set up Zoom - and it usually is.

However, please allow an extra 5-10 minutes before our FIRST ever call to set up the technology.

We will need to be punctual - I have quite a few mentoring clients and 2 Amazon businesses to run!


(Read if you have tech issues)

Just click the link below to get the instructions for your particular machine:


Getting started on a PC And Mac

Download PDF guide on getting started with PC or Mac:

Getting started on Chrome OS


(NB please only use this as a last resort if you can't get to your laptop/desktop)

Getting started with iOS (iphone or ipad) NB iOS 7.0 or later

Getting started with Android (Android 4.0x or later)

Getting started with BlackBerry 


As ever, if you try the technology and it isn't behaving, please email me here: 


I'd just ask you to read the relevant documentation from Zoom first, if you would. 

Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA host


I'm looking forward to working with you!