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Team Training – 6 Techniques for a Productive e-commerce Team

6 Planning and Team Training Techniques in Business Management

Training and development of your team are currently being valued once again. The importance of investing in them is practically a consensus in the business world. There are good reasons for this.

If you have a company or accounts with people who work with you as a team, you need to think  hard about how training helps align employees with your business goals. And that type of training is what guarantees that everyone follows the same line of reasoning and performance in a company.

Why does this matter? Simply put: this leads to greater business success . Why? Simple:  it makes sure everyone know exactly what they have to do to achieve the desired results.

That is why companies that still do not pay attention to the training and development of people in their strategies are wasting time, money and space in the market.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to help improve the performance of those who work with you, keep reading this post.

We are going to show you  those who want to implement a training and development program in their own company.

In addition, we will give advice for those who want to create their own business in this area.

Differences between training and people development

It is very common to think of the areas of training and development as if they were one.

However, they refer to different processes and must be present together within the company to get really great results.

Before choosing the best techniques to apply in your busines , it is essential to know what characterizes each of those areas so that you can differentiate and apply them correctly. The same is true if you aim to create a course in a particular niche.

Training defined

Training is a short-term process, implemented to modify the behaviors of employees. Its purpose is make sure staff gain the skills and knowledge of rules and concepts important for performing the tasks required by the job.

In most companies, it applies only to the arrival of new employees, so that they learn their functions and understand the culture of the company.

However, it is essential to expand the practice for other moments within the organization. Thus, employees will always be updated and prepared to face the challenges in the work environment.

Developing your Team Members

Development is a broader and long-term process.

It serves to constantly improve the abilities of employees, leaders and managers, increase motivation and make them increasingly valuable members of the organization.

In addition, its focus is not only professional growth, but also personal. That is why training involves issues more related to experiences, satisfaction and career .

Training and Development Techniques

There are several types of training and development of people that can be applied within a company.

Everyone works better with a specific goal. That is why it is important to know the options before implementing them in your business.

If you want to create a training and development courses, it is even more important to know how to differentiate each technique. That way,  you can choose the one that best applies to your style of training.

We are going to show you planning and developement techniques for the 6 most used models for training and development:

  1. Organizational training

Organizational training is the training of the company as a whole. The aim is to better organise strategies and optimize the results.

It can happen through conferences, workshops or even online courses.The important thing is to create an effective way of transmitting the necessary information. That way, employees not only learn something new; they can apply it correctly during their work.

Learning is one thing; doing is another! Your organizational training will show up when everyone actually does things the way they are supposed to.

  1. Assertive communication within the team¸

Many times, the weak point of a company is the difficulty of communication between managers, leaders and employees.

Team training can help.

Knowing how to talk in a clear, objective and respectful manner is essential to create a pleasant environment that encourages interaction and knowledge sharing between people.

It is common that the tasks are not properly performed. This is usually due to lack of understanding of the rules or friction in the dialogue between those involved.

This type of training presents for the collaborators some techniques to improve interpersonal communication, such as:

  • Be aware of what is being said;
  • Use empathy and pay attention to the other;
  • Use verbal language appropriate to the listener;
  • Also take care of body language;
  • Be objective, but without being aggressive;
  • Know the right time to express yourself.
  1. Leadership Training

This type of training, as the name itself says, is aimed at business leaders.

The people responsible for leading a department or team in the organization, regardless of the area, must be able to carry out many attributions and, therefore, carry a huge responsibility.

Leaders need to manage teams, mediate internal problems, make decisions, disseminate best practices and serve as motivation and inspiration for other employees.

Leadership training serves to improve the skills of people, conflict and time management, goal management and critical thinking

  1. Motivational Team Training

Everyone is subject to experiencing moments of discouragement, demotivation and low productivity at work.

This may occur due to personal issues or factors related to the company’s own environment, such as:

  • Problems in relationships with colleagues and leaders;
  • Monotonous activities;
  • Lack of identification with the functions performed;
  • Little prospect of growth, among others.
  • Before implementing a motivational training program, it is important to make a business diagnosis to know exactly what is discouraging employees. This makes it easier to assemble an assertive strategy to solve the problem.

Some of the approaches to motivate teams are:

  • Work case studies;
  • Implement policies to enhance the opinion of workers;
  • Create training courses for the areas in which disinterest exists due to lack of instruction or understanding of activities;
  • Develop benefit programs and awards.
  1. Development of skills and abilities

Competencies are a set of attitudes, skills and knowledge that a person needs to have to perform their activities well.

To work on the development of competencies within a company, it is necessary to identify, initially, what are the competencies necessary for the performance of each function.

After that, individual competencies should be investigated to figure out the best place to invest in training, and where the officials are performing properly or above average.

This study allows the company to identify the type of content that its training must have to ensure that employees develop and apply all the competencies required by their powers.

  1. Corporate Coaching

Another way to invest in training and development is the implementation of a corporate coaching process.

With the use of coaching techniques, the process seeks individual and collective development within the organization, with the focus on an assertive team, high performance and committed to improving results.

The professional responsible for corporate coaching works to align the strategic planning of the organization with the individual aims of the team members.

The process is based on the understanding that motivated, qualified and recognized employees as part of the company are more likely to achieve the desired goals.

Create a successful workout!

Now that you know how important it is to invest in the training and development of people in the organizational environment, you can start using this in your favor!

You can create a training programme to implement in your company and increase the performance of people who work with you. You could even sell your content to other people and companies.


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