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Amazon Sourcing from China Help


The Basic System:

#6 Sourcing Part 1 – Finding Potential Suppliers (Longlist)

#7 Sourcing Part 2 – Contacting suppliers, paying for samples; Photography and Design

#8 Sourcing Part 3 Paying for your Order; Quality Control; Freight

#9 Sourcing Part 4 Exact Paperwork for Ordering; Freight “Incoterms” (eg FOB); Working with a Receiving Warehouse in your Sales Country (eg USA for  British sellers )

#18 My biggest sourcing mistakes Part 1 (and how to avoid them)

#20 My biggest sourcing mistakes Part 2

#34 Peter Zapf of Global Sources

#53 Manuel Becvar of Import Dojo

Sourcing products from China is probably the Biggest Worry most Amazon Sellers have. Break through your Fears – check the free resources below. If you’re still stuck – jump on a quick call with Michael and get your question answered!

  •  Find a Reliable Supplier –
    • Launch Quicker, Get Better Products
  • Ensure Great Product Quality –
    • Happy Amazon Customers= Good Reviews!
  • Negotiate Like a Pro –
    • Great Price = More Profit
  • Fix your Freight Fears –
    • Frictionless Freight=Quicker Launch, Lower Costs and Higher Profits -PLUS less stress!