Struggling With Amazon Ads?... You Need Help from the Professionals

And the Best of the Best  is Brian Johnson

of Sponsored Products Academy and PPC Scope

Stop reading bits and pieces on blogs, Facebook groups and...yes...even Podcasts! 

 You Can Get Strategic; Save 5- 20 hours a week;

and make $1000s more PROFIT- Not Just Sales!

That may sound like a bold statement. Thing is, most of us (me included) have been thrashing around with Amazon PPC for months - if not years. Bits and pieces picked up from blogs; rumours traded on Facebook - it's not really surprising that many of us don't get consistent, reliable profits from Amazon ads, is it?!

"This will save you many hours a week, cut your PPC losses and enable you to gain sales rank and massively boost your sales- profitably."

This is NOT for you if...

...You have only a couple of thousand dollars or pounds to your name

​...You are only spending a couple of hundred dollars or pounds a month on Amazon Ads

This IS for you if...

...if you are spending over $500/£500 a month on Amazon PPC and...​

  • ...You can't get products to rank higher for main keywords whatever you do...
  •'re spending hours a week and stressed out looking at spreadsheets
  •'re losing money on your Amazon Ads
  • can't get products to rank higher for main keywords whatever you do
  • are just getting Started and just confused or don't know where to start
  • are an experienced seller but not making the big money you know you can make
  • ...if you're stuck in the weeds!

Here's the core Sponsored Products Offer

Look at what you get!

This is the core SPA 2.0 offer from Brian Burt and Brian Johnson and the team - ...and check below for the extra bonuses you get for buying through Amazing FBA from me!
  • The Sponsored Products Academy 2.0 Core Training 
  • Step by Step, super clear training that works in 2017
Brian Johnson of Sponsored Products Academy

Brian Johnson

This isn't just for newbies - advanced sellers will explode their business with these techniques

Brian Burt 

It's not just Seller Central - we cover Amazon Marketing Services & External Traffic as well

Week 1: The Set-Up Behind the Success

In Week one, Brian Johnson and Brian Burt lay the foundation for massive Amazon PPC Success. Getting the fundamentals right is mission critical - and is where most sellers shoot  themselves in the foot - before even getting started!

Week 2:  Keyword Research - How to Dramatically Spend Less & Make More

Week Two begins by showing you our proven keyword research strategies,  where to find the "golden nuggets" & campaign optimization. 

Get this right & you'll be spending less per click and making lots more...

Week 3: Organic Rankings - & How to Blow Past Your Competition

Week Three gets more aggressive: It's time to identify your largest PPC Competitors, peek inside their campaigns and plan our attack. From there the focus is on increasing organic rankings, traffic and sales. 

Week 4: Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Week Four is HUGE! Here, Brian and Brian (still with me?!) bring in Amazon powerhouse, Bryan Bowman, to co-pilot with Brian Johnson and teach you how to tap into Amazon's best kept secret, Amazon Marketing Services. Learn how to hack into your competitor's product listings and (ethically) steal their traffic, customers and sales! 



*BONUS* WEEK 5 - How to Write Listings That Actually Sell...

One of the most important - but overlooked - elements in selling on Amazon is listing copy that actually creates customers. Dana Derricks, aka "The Copywriting Professor" joins Brian Burt and Brian J in this bonus Week. 

A $2,497 Value

*BONUS* WEEK 6 - The Magic of External Traffic

Week 6 is all about driving external traffic to your Amazon Product LIstings. 

Brian Burt brings his own marketing expertise to SPA 2.0 & shares the strategies that have propelled him to over $150,000 a month in Amazon sales. ​

A $2,997 Value


Sign up Now, and You Get THREE Amazing Tools to save your time

3 Months FREE PPC Scope Access

Brian Johnson of PPC Scope

Brian Johnson of PPC Scope

PPC Scope is THE go-to Amazon PPC measuring and management tool. It's the main reason Brian Johnson knows so much about Amazon PPC. And will save you hours of stress.

A $255 Value

3 Months FREE  OverGrowth Access

Brian Burt 


  • Email Autoresponder
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Review monitoring
  • Listing optimization
  • Sales tracking
  • Automates driving influencer traffic
  • Hijacker protection and much more...

A $255 Value

60 Free credits to Keyword Inspector

This is the Gold Standard tool by James Harbal - reverse ASIN search is one of the keys to professional keyword research. 

Normally $150

Get instant access to Sponsored Products Academy now!

Stop giving Amazon your money. Do the math(s) - if you save just $500/£400 a month, you'll make your money back in 4 months max. 

Still on the fence? Exclusive BONUSES for signing via Amazing FBA

SPA Academy 2.0 is great value at $1997 with all the above bonuses....

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Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA Host

Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA Host

Bonus #1: One Month's Free ONE-TO-ONE Mentoring with Me (Michael Veazey)

One-to-One learning is the ultimate in Learning,  because it is tailored to YOUR needs; and to your needs RIGHT NOW

Many people buy a wonderful course but NEVER USE THEM! Crazy, but true!

Why? Because they don't know where to start; they get scared; or they don't feel comfortable asking "Dumb" or "Newbie" questions; or they're just plain too embarrassed to admit that they haven't got going yet!

I'll be there to help you with all of that. The only dumb question, in my opinion, is the question you don't ask!

You'll have a friendly, experienced British mentor (for any Brits, on the same TIMEZONE as you!) who can put this training in context in your Amazon business as a whole. ​

  • 2 one-on-one Skype calls a month, with a recording if you wish. 
  • Email support
  •  Free access to my BRAND NEW Online Mastermind.  

Normally $376 (£300)

Bonus #2: Three Months' Free Membership of the London Mastermind

Sick of being stuck behind your laptop on your own?

Physically meeting with fellow online sellers is the ultimate way to connect with others.

Monthly Meetings of max 10 sellers, all of whom are real Amazon sellers- no newbies or tirekickers, just real entrepreneurs going through the same struggles and triumphs as you. 

If you can't get to London, you can join the NEW Online Mastermind instead.  

Normally $207 (£165)

Bonus #3: $100 MONEY CASHBACK

A straight up BRIBE, my friend! If you buy via me, I'll send you $100 off*.

*once your 30 day guarantee period is over​. Or you can have it in £GBP or €Euros of course

Cash is always a nice bonus, right?

 $100 Cashback!

Not convinced?

See what people are saying about Brian's training...

What's included

Here's What You'll Get Inside of Sponsored Products Academy 2.0:

  • The Amazon PPC Quick Start Guide
  • The Sponsored Products Academy 2.0 Core, 4 Week Training
  • BONUS 1: Week 5 (Copy That Sells)
  • BONUS 2: Week 6 (External Traffic)
  • BONUS 3: 100% FREE Access to Live Webinars & Q&A Sessions.
  • BONUS 4: 100% FREE, 3 Months PPC Scope Access.
  • BONUS 5: 3 Months FREE To the OverGrowth Software Suite.
  • BONUS 6: 60 FREE Credits Keyword Inspector
  • BONUS 7: 14 Days FREE Access to the #1 Amazon PPC Community, SPA VIP
  • BONUS 8:  As a member of SPA VIP
  • BONUS 9: First 100 Get 100% FREE Access to "Invite Only" PPC Webinar.


    Exclusive bonuses for signing up via Amazing FBA...

    Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA Host

    Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA Host

    Bonus #1: One Month's Free ONE-TO-ONE Mentoring with Amazing FBA Host, Michael Veazey

    Bonus #2: Three Months' Free Membership of the Amazing FBA London Mastermind

    Bonus #3: $100 MONEY CASHBACK

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