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Sourcing Products from India with Konark of Rural Handmade

Sourcing products from India has long sounded attractive to oppressed Amazon sellers trying to find products that wouldn’t just be sold cheaper the next month by a Chinese factory.

But the issue has been that Alibaba simply made it so easy to connect to a host of Chinese factories – and India had a reputation for difficult logistics.

Step forward Rural handmade goods. Billed as the “Alibaba for handmade” or perhaps better,  “Etsy for businesses”, Rural handmade makes the connection between entrepreneurs selling in North America or Europe and the rural producers of the world, most especially in the Indian subcontinent.  

The founder and CEO of Rural Handmade, Konark, talks to us about the nuts and bolts of how to develop a handmade product design, how to manage the stock, and how to deal with moving handmade products around the world with maximum efficiency.


You’ll Learn:

  • How ordering a variety of SKUs at lower cost works
  • The different ways of doing commission designs in products
  • Why you should start on your supply chain
  • The basics of Stock management
  • How to split up a stock
  • Why you need to improve your packaging and labels