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December 13, 2023

Unlock Success: Mastering Social Media Marketing Strategies for Community Growth

Samantha Kozuch, the founder of Maniscripting, a self-development and mindset journaling company, shares her entrepreneurial journey spanning over a decade. Initially an influencer on Instagram and owner of a video production company, Samantha transitioned into social media coaching, helping others monetize their online businesses. Despite no initial plans for e-commerce, the inception of Maniscripting during the pandemic marked a turning point.

Time Stamp

[00:00] – Scaling Businesses Through Multi-Channel Approach with Amazon and Self-Development.
[01:54] – Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, and Passion-Driven Business Growth.
[07:15] – Building a Profitable DTC Site Through Community Engagement.
[11:41] – Building a Personal Brand and Community Through Authenticity and Transparency.
[16:18] – Building Personal Brand and Connecting with Customers Through Social Media.
[21:28] – Building a Profitable Amazon Business with Insights from an Influencer.

The Birth of Maniscripting and Community Building

In the challenging times of the pandemic, Samantha started sharing her morning routine, emphasizing goal-setting during difficult periods. The positive response led to the creation of Maniscripting as a book primarily for women, with a men’s journal in the pipeline. The business, now four years in e-commerce, emphasizes building a community alongside offering products.

From Coach to Business Owner: Samantha’s Background

With a background as an online business coach and personal trainer, Samantha relied on podcasts and YouTube for learning. Her teaching mentality and obsession with learning laid the foundation for her success in the online business space.

Identifying Business Opportunities and Channels

Samantha’s business thinking revolves around identifying needs and improving existing products. Whether as an influencer or fitness coach, her focus has always been on helping people achieve results. She emphasizes the importance of following one’s passion and goals.

Diversifying Channels: Amazon, DTC, Meta, and Instagram

Samantha delves into the different channels she has explored, including Amazon, Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) sites, Meta platforms, and Instagram. She draws comparisons between legacy brick-and-mortar businesses and digitally native ones, highlighting the importance of community-building in the digital landscape.

Building a Community: The Key to Success

Samantha emphasizes the value of building a community, sharing insights on creating a Facebook community and using apps for engagement. Engaging the community in product development decisions, from color choices to updates, has been instrumental in Maniscripting’s success.

Upselling and Reordering: Maximizing Community Engagement

By paying attention to what works and involving the community in decision-making, Samantha achieves successful upselling and reorder strategies. She shares her experience of celebrating milestones like the 50th journal order and using other products for upselling.

Starting Digitally vs. Bricks and Mortar: A Tested Perspective

Samantha reflects on her experience testing products in physical stores and how starting an e-commerce business today differs from a few years ago. She also emphasizes the importance of product types in digital marketing, citing examples like using reels on TikTok for a 90-day journal.

Nurturing Personal and Business Brand: Samantha’s Approach

Samantha advocates for a personal and business brand, showcasing the behind-the-scenes on her Instagram account. She discusses the necessity of personal presence, values, and transparency to build trust with customers.

Overcoming Social Media Fears: Tips for the Reluctant

For those hesitant about being on social media, Samantha addresses fears and provides practical tips. She encourages starting small, learning the skill, and gradually overcoming discomfort. Building a connection with the end customer helps in maintaining authenticity.

Conclusion: Embrace the Learning Curve

Samantha concludes by emphasizing the learning curve in social media presence. Whether through Instagram stories or other platforms, she encourages e-commerce brand owners to lean in and embrace the process. Success lies in persistence, authenticity, and a genuine connection with the audience.

Follow Samantha’s journey on Instagram @samanthakozuch for more insights.

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