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Smart Social Media Marketing for eCommerce with Arjun Rai of Hellowoofy

Social media is pretty unavoidable these days for any business model. If you’re in the business of selling to consumers, especially at an impulse-buy price point, you simply have no choice but to get good at the skill set. If you’re in e-commerce or Amazon selling, that means you!

However, one of the biggest problems with creating  micro content for social media, as Gary Vee puts it, is in creating a scalable way to do this and to avoid driving yourself crazy! Creating content takes energy and thought; scheduling is a pain.  Dealing with the various platforms’ rules is an additional friction point we could all do without.

There have been various scheduling tools that have worked for social media to this point is based on an interesting concept from the founder Arjun by which aims to take this a step further. Not only does it integrate analytics into the system but also uses artificial intelligence to help complete the content itself.

Here we discuss with Arjun Rai, Founder and CEO of, what the challenges are with social media marketing, what platforms it works with, and why you need to own your story telling ninja skills as a small business owner!

You’ll Learn:

  • What Hellowoofy is all about
  • Why content creation is not enough
  • How content marketing works
  • The advantages of automating content distribution channels
  • The importance of social media automation in your business
  • The different platforms you can  integrated
  • Utilizing Facebook group for your business
  • The power of story telling in Social Media
  • Best practices in using Hellowoofy for established Amazon sellers

Resources Mentioned:

  • Hellowoofy, Create marketing content automatically using data science.