Shipping into Amazon UK with Neil Curran of Regional Express - Amazing FBA - How to sell on Amazon UK
Shipping into Amazon UK with Neil Curran of Regional Express

There is no question: e-commerce demand has grown unbelievably in 2020. Many platforms or sellers have hit their 5-year targets in 5 months!

But every opportunity comes with its challenges and increased e-commerce sales volume is the same. The amount of demand on the entire global supply chain has caused capacity to be reached and – for the moment (in late 2020) prices to hit unusual heights. 

While we wouldn’t wish it, though, this situation actually forces us to put better supply chain management in place. The smart Amazon sellers are educating themselves about the details of international importing, guided by their expert Freight Forwarders. 

Neil Curran of Regional express, a highly experienced Freight Forwarder based in the UK, is here to give his insights from years of helping eCommerce businesses (many based outside Europe) imports into the UK and Europe


You’ll Learn:

  • Current freight issues
  • Alternatives to Freight
  • Freight timings and costs
  • Basic principles in importing from the EU to the UK
  • Advantages of using 3PL warehousing in the UK
  • Take advantage of the CoVid situation
  • Neil’s best practices in logistics