Shane Stinemetz is an Amazon FBA seller and dedicated to creating Fetcher.

Fetcher is currently the best solution for those who do not have an accounting background and that need to keep their profit and loss numbers in check. Fetcher is suitable for those who tend to have a general understanding of accounting, but not super high-level.


164 Amazon Sales with Shane Stinemetz Part 1 of 3

It is important for any business to measure its profit and loss as this helps in determining the direction of the business. It helps in understanding if the business is headed in the right direction or if there are changes that need to be implemented.

165 Common Amazon Profit and Loss Mistakes with Shane Stinemetz Part 2 of 3

Once again we are joined by Shane Stinemetz to discuss more ways to use Fetcher and improve your Amazon listing.

166 Fetcher and the Future of Amazon with Shane Stinemetz Part 3 of 3

The future of Amazon is going to be challenging for Amazon sellers. Products are becoming more competitive and this making the Amazon space more congested than before.