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April 14, 2020

How to Set up Facebook Ads for eCommerce with Rory Stern

How to Set up Facebook Ads for eCommerce

“We Deliver the results you hoped your last agency would”

Rory F. Stern of RFS Media has been a best-kept secret working behind the scenes to help build, grow, and scale many successful online companies for the last 14 years.  Today, he manages a small boutique media buying team that specializes in multi-channel traffic.  He is best known for creating ads that convert and being able to get a lot of policy challenged offers approved and running on Facebook.

Core business is growing a business with paid traffic.

FaceBook is the most popular paid ad channel.

But is Facebook the right place for ecommerce sellers?

Google is the most important.

But FaceBook is what most people want. And it’s a great place to start. There are a lot of easy elements.

Facebook has set up a very user-friendly interface.

You can set up pretty quickly, target pretty quickly and get data pretty quickly.

Getting free help  Setting up Facebook Ads  

The Facebook Ads Blueprint – free training from Facebook!

It is set up for brands not necessarily direct response marketers.

Which is more Rory’s starting point.

It’s a good starting point – it’s free!

For those who want to value their time more than money, there is a lot of good training. But there’s nothing like getting your  own money on the line.

What do you need to start running  Facebook ads?

  • A Facebook Page under your brand
  • A Facebook ad account
    • You can just go through your personal profile – click on lefthand column and go to ads manager. This is not recommended.
    • OR go to business.facebook.com and set up a business manager
  • Business manager
  • Link to your Facebook page
  • One FaceBook pixel

Business manager pros

  • You can set up other people to help
  • You can get extra help from FaceBook

Every Facebook ad account has a FaceBook pixel – it is a snippet of code that communicates between your website and the pixel.

The pixel is really important.

If you’re trying to DIY, find someone and ask for help.

Basics of setting up Facebook Ads manager

  • You’ll need to set up a campaign type
  • There are many types. Most important:

Facebook Ad Campaign types

  • Traffic
  • Conversion objective
  • Page post engagement

Facebook Traffic campaign

When you choose this, you’re asking FaceBook to get them as much traffic as possible. This means that FaceBook gets people who will click on an ad

Facebook Conversion campaign

This means you are asking FaceBook to find people who take action and actual convert to something you want eg

FaceBook will find people with a known history of clicking an ad

You can even target “engaged shoppers” who have clicked on the CTA button eg “buy now; find out more”

Facebook Page Post Engagement Campaign (PPE)

This tells FaceBook to get people who comment, like, share etc.

Which Facebook Ad Campaign Type is best for e-commerce?

Simple answer: Facebook Conversion Campaign!

The way you set things up is you want qualified traffic.

You want highly qualified prospects.

To do this, you select conversions.

6 years ago, you could run a traffic campaign and it would work.

A certain amount of people would eventually click and buy.

6 years ago, you could run a conversion campaign and get better quality people.

As FaceBook’s algorithm (pixel/AI) has become more sophisticated, the traffic is also more sophisticated.

If you ask for traffic, that’s what it will give you.

Rory has tested this with maybe $20M in ad spend. Conversions are what gets it done!

When to consider Page Post engagement or traffic Campaigns

As you start to scale, you can bring more of them in.

Then you would retarget people.

But if you’re spending under $1000 a day, just stick to Conversion Campaigns

Facebook Campaign budget Optimisation (CBO)

The other popular thing you’ll have to choose at campaign level.

This has only been around for about 1 year.

If you have the choice to turn it off. If you can’t, don’t worry.

If you set this at  campaign level and you put several ad sets in, you let FaceBook decide how much to allocate to each ad set.

Is this giving FaceBook too much control?

There are good and bad things about this.

FaceBook’s algo now is really really smart and is getting smarter.
So in a lot of cases, you want to give them control

CBO mostly wasn’t reliable but now it is

Often Rory will not worry about the audience targeting these days.

Rory gives help and free information:


Rory does run ads and offer consulting and coaching.

Get in touch at rory@rfsdigitalmedia.com

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