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SEO for DTC ecommerce with Adam Wright of Super Green Tonik

Adam Wright, is a long-time sufferer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and wanted to ensure he received all the essential nutrients to help him combat daily fatigue and brain fog.

The search for the ultimate greens blend ended up with him creating his own formula alongside one of the top USA Nutritional manufacturers.

A competitive Triathlete when he was younger, Adam became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and still suffers the symptoms today.

Although not able to compete in long-distance running and triathlons anymore, Adam spent years studying sport physiology and nutrition at Brighton University under prominent physiologists and coaches of the day.

Disillusioned with many supplement brands available today, he decided to create his own brand that he takes every day to support his health and well-being.


What you’ll learn

  • Cashcow blog articles?
  • Is that across multiple articles? Or is that within each article ?
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Outsource writing?
  • Product development alongside blogging
  • 3 Phases of Blogging
  • Outsourcing content
  • In 2021 slowed down blogging
  • Blogging now

For the super greens for US customers

Consultancy for those considering selling supplements