Selling on Amazon

Maybe you are already selling on Amazon. Maybe you have just opened your Amazon seller account but you don’t have any products yet.  Maybe you’re just wanting to sell products online but unsure where to start.

You may be an Amazon Seller in the UK. You may  live in the UK but sell on (USA) . Well, here is a great place to get answers and inspiration.

My aim is simple: to make this the place to go for British Amazon sellers selling on Amazon for white label products .

(“British” is shorthand for anyone who lives in the UK, by the way. I am no nationalist.  I couldn’t care less what country you are originally from. It makes no difference what cultural or ethnic groups you belong to. I have no time for prejudice and closed-mindedness. I’m proud of the huge diversity of our audience. )

Expert on how to sell products online

I interview experts about how to sell things on Amazon, focussing on white label products. Recent guests  include:

Greg Mercer (of Jungle Scout), Will Tjernlund, Manuel Becvar of Import Dojo, whether selling on amazon uk or, or in Europe.

We cover topics like finding the best products to sell online,  finding or creating your own label products; and once you’re selling, how to increase sales on Amazon. 

I also talk from my own experience of selling on Amazon myself for over 2 years, both in the USA, and in the UK, Germany and France.

Amazon UK Sellers – our chances and challenges

I know from experience that living in the UK presents both challenges (especially on and opportunities (especially in Amazon Europe) when selling on Amazon . There are many listeners and readers from around the world following the show who successfully self stuff  online. I know that nearly half are American. If you are an American Amazon seller, you are very welcome. I know you can still get a load of value here from all the feedback I hear from our American followers.