Sell Your Products to Retailers with Paul Brooks of Retail Outside In - Amazing FBA - How to sell on Amazon UK
Sell Your Products to Retailers with Paul Brooks of Retail Outside In

If the  lockdown  hit retail everywhere in the world in 2020 and 2021 is big news, there is another interesting trend happening more quietly in ecommerce. TO put it simply: despite the massive growth in Amazon sales – or possibly because of it – ecommerce sellers now have more to lose than ever before from Amazon account suspensions. And they are getting ever more frustrated with the lack of customer data from Amazon. 

The natural next step is to set up your own Shopify or Direct to Consumer (DTC) site. But what if there are other options that could move as many units – or possibly many more – and bring big profits?

Step forward the B2B business to business model of selling your products to retailers, most of whom will have a physical store or network of physical retail locations. While not common and not as easy to start as the classic Shopify move, this has many upsides for someone with good product development abilities and or a great product.  Today’s guest, Paul Brooks, explores with Michael what the upsides are of this approach; and how to start approaching retailers successfully.


You’ll Learn:

  • If Brick and Mortar have a future and what it will look like
  • Why we still need B&M and not just online stores
  • How to sell B&M to retailers
  • The attractive qualities of B&M
  • Comparing online and offline buyer experience
  • How to drive a person to discover that product
  • Physical Retailer vs Product Developer
  • How social media drives traffic
  • How to sell experience in a physical store