Rob’s start in online sales came well before his start as an Amazon entrepreneur. Rob had been building ecommerce websites and offering photography and graphic design services in the online sector for years. He made the decision to get involved in the Amazon ecosystem in 2014 and has been knee deep in it ever since. On today’s installment, we’re specifically going to be focusing on Rob’s background in ecommerce photography. You can find more from him at


256 Product photography strategies with Rob Sleath of MightyServices Part 2 of 2
Hello and welcome back to Amazing FBA. Today we’re diving into part two of the interview I did with my wonderful business partner, Rob Sleath. Last week we focused on product photography for sellers and products new to Amazon. This time we’ll be covering strategies to use with professional product photographers.

255 eCommerce photography insider secrets with Rob Sleath of MightyServices Part 1 of 2
Today I welcome my amazing business partner Rob Sleath of MightyServices¬†to talk about ecommerce photography. You could say Rob has never really had a job. He did three months as a temp during Christmas. Yeyond that everything else he’s done has been digital, online, and ecommerce related. His formal education is in nuclear physics. In a nutshell, he likes numbers.