Trillium Health Products developed the Juiceman juicer and Breadman bread machine. Rick and his team taught people about how to eat a healthier diet through their marketing of these products. The market conditions, marketing strategy, and product niche were perfect for Trillium Health Products, and the company grew from zero to $75 million in only four years. Rick sold his company to a retail consumer company in Chicago called Sultan Housewares–best known for developing the George Foreman Grill. Next, Rick and his team took on the task of marketing the George Foreman Grill for Sultan Housewares, and the rest is history.


258 Video Marketing for Amazon Sellers with Rick Cesari

In part two of my interview with Rick Cesari, we’re going to be focusing on video marketing. With the help of direct response video marketing, Rick has helped Amazon Brands like Plugable, Sous Vide Supreme, Organify, and Dazzity launch and grow into immensely successful companies.

257 Building a BIG eCommerce Brand with Rick Cesari Part 1 of 2
On today’s instalment of Amazing FBA, I’m delighted to bring in a heavy hitter in the marketing world, Rick Cesari of He’s launched, among others, Sonicare, OxiClean, The George Foreman Grill, and GoPro. Rick’s story is as impressive as his resume. His marketing career began almost by accident after he graduated from college with a degree in biology. Rick took some time off after school, got into real estate, and started learning about direct to consumer marketing by promoting real estate seminars; this led to Rick’s first business, Trillium Health Products. Today he’ll be talking about building a big ecommerce brand.