AZAnalyzer was being used in-house to solve their own problems before they packaged them for users. Now you can get these great tools that can help you determine the viability of a new product. Reed is offering an upgraded free trial. Get a 14-day access to AZOptimzer and AZAnalyzer as well as his Product Differentiating Spreadsheet.

227 Amazon Market Research with Reed Menssa Part 1 of 3

We are talking with Reed Menssa of to talk about market research. When you’re looking for products to sell on Amazon it is important to do the research before-hand.

228 Social Media for Amazon Market Research with Reed Menssa Part 2 of 3

We have Reed Menssa back on the show today to talk about social media research and off-Amazon marketing. The last episode we talked about how to choose a product and the market research that goes into that. This episode we want to focus on using social media to check where the market is at on a product.

229 How to Sell Products on Amazon with Reed Menssa (Listing) Part 3 of 3

We’ve covered getting data and using social media off-Amazon. But if you’re selling a product, you must be on Amazon, and after all, that is the point of this podcast. So, we’ll be looking into how to sell products on Amazon.