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Launch Consult "RARE" 


  • Save Yourself the Worst Fate of Amazon Sellers...Crickets... SAVE MONTHS OF WASTED TIME AND THOUSANDS OF WASTED $/£s.
  • You've spent  Thousands on products  - spend your next $1000-3000+ wisely   and Watch Your Hard-Earned Inventory take off...
  • Advice from a Seasoned Amazon Seller and Coach...I've Helped many many  Products get launched. I'm tapped into the experts (public and expert) through podcasts and masterminds (my mastermind members collectively turn over in excess of £15 million a year on Amazon - and some of those launch 50 products a quarter.) 

Are you About to FINALLY Launch Your 1st Product on Amazon?

You've followed videos, podcasts, Facebook group armchair warriors. 

Your brain throbbed but you got down some kind of process for product research (aka "Niche choice" or "Market"). 

You longlisted, you researched, you read spreadsheets till your eyes ached and your brain spun like a washing machine on full cycle. 

You went through the scrolling craziness that is Alibaba and the email excess that is Chinese suppliers (or maybe you've been knocking at the door of standoffish British, European or American suppliers - been there too...)

You even - wonder of wonders - actually pulled the trigger on an order. 
(By the way - CONGRATULATIONS! I don't know if you realised but that probably puts you in about the top 5% of would-be Amazon sellers already.)

But now you realise that you have a new problem. 

Your products might actually be ready to sell! 
Almost too soon!

So you plunge back into Facebook Groups; podcasts; youtube videos. 

People say different stuff. Some are (probably) competent. A few (sadly) are charlatans. A couple might even be geniuses. 

Here's the thing. 

Individual Tactics - however brilliant - are not a coherent plan. 

Brilliant people - however amazing - are not you. 

You need a plan. 

You need a personalised plan. 

You need the RARE Amazing FBA process. Review your data; Analyse it; Refine your launch plan; Execute it. 


After nearly 4 years of Amazon selling, 2 1/2 years of mentoring, 2 years of masterminds, I get this! 

The RARE choice - Get Some Professional Input

By all means absorb the latest tactics. Staying up to date is vital. But how do you know if that is the icing...or the cake?

You need some perspective.

The smartest people know when to get help.

If you're that person, read on. 

How does it work?

Optional: Review of your Market Data (£47/$60 standard price)

  • Checklist 1: You'll get a clear checklist of data to gather and send over to us. Review all the revenue, reviews and other Market Data from eg Jungle Scout extension; Helium 10 (if you don't have some standard tools, we can do some of that for you). Plus competitor listings
  • check
    Checklist 2: you'll get a list of differentiation and design points to consider.
  • Current plans for launch: Depending on you and your preferences, you may be planning just PPC (Amazon Ads); or using a launch service like Viral Launch; or even Facebook Ads. We'll capture those ideas here. 
  • Process check: We'll lay out a basic checklist for the process you should be following to get your first product launched, and check what stage you're at in that process.

90-minute "RARE" (Review, Analyse, Refine, Execute)  Together (£147/$187 standard price) - available separately

  • REVIEW:  We'll go over the market data together. We'll get clear  not only what the market research implies for the launch of your potential product; we'll also check how well your Process is working
  • check
    ANALYSE: market and differentiation - we'll focus hard on who your target customer avatar will be, your main competitors and  your product's key points of difference, 
  • REFINE: Launch Plans - We'll  quickly review your current plans, budget and see if it they look viable. 
  • EXECUTE: Next steps & recommendations-  If I feel you need to do more work to really get a firm conclusion (often the case), I'll be honest about that. But equally, I'll give you clear guidance on whether I can recommend you proceed or park your idea and go back to other ideas.  

Special Offer -  for next 10 people

  • Get both the Review & RARE Session for just $168 USD/£139 GBP 
  • I'll also record our Zoom session (like Skype but better) and send you the video
  • I'll even take some notes and send you a written record of our conversation afterwards, which forms the backbone of your launch plan. 

What to do next to book straight away...

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If you have any quick questions about how the service works, or any tech issues, please just email 

Please note: we won't be able to give you free  guidance on email about  your actual product choice. This is purely about the service itself. Our support staff are not trained in advising about Amazon. And if I'm answering support emails myself - which I often still do at the moment myself - that means I'm having to move fast. My focus is on helping our podcast listeners, and paying clients.