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About Michael

Michael is fundamentally an eCommerce strategy specialist. 

His aim is to help eCommerce sellers dominate their market, grow rapidly and create profitable, strongly defended brands

Michael Veazey is an e-commerce consultant based in London, England, an Amazon private label seller and a podcaster/speaker.  His e-commerce London mastermind members turn over collectively over $25-30 million a year, mostly on Amazon and with private label/custom products.

Michael discovered the Amazon Private Label opportunity in early 2014 and loved the creativity of being an online entrepreneur, as well as the time freedom it can give. He started podcasting about his experience in Sept 2015.

Michael offers 1-1 consulting, agency work (done-for-you) and group training for 6- and 7-figure sellers.

In Sept. 2017, Michael founded the 10K Collective, a London-based mastermind of men and women who sell private label/custom products on Amazon with collective revenue of over $22 million per year on Amazon.

Members have gone on to grow from mid six figures to $1 million run rate and even in one case from low 7- to mid 8 figures (over $20M) a year in revenue.  

Michael  believes “Star” positioning is the bedrock of e-commerce and indeed business success. He has found that  sharing in a structured, trusted environment of peers can massively increase business growth and enjoyment compared to working separately in our own businesses.

Amazing FBA Podcast has been giving an international/UK perspective on Amazon private label selling since Sept 2015.

Since 2019 The 10K Collective Podcast has been helping 6-, 7- and 8-figure Amazon private label sellers, with over 300 interview episodes and counting.

Since 2020,  The E-Commerce Leader podcast - co-hosted by Michael with Jason Miles, Kyle Hamer and Chris Green - has been helping all e-commerce leaders with strategy & key tactics.

Collectively the podcasts have had over 960,000 downloads, in addition to 100,000s of social media views.

Client Case Studies

Amazon Course

Kevin Lew, PLP Course Beta Tester

"As a beginner on my FBA journey I have found the PLP course to be a great guide by making those initial steps towards creating an Amazon business look a lot less daunting.

It's a lot to take in but the information is presented in a logical structured order broken down into well explained digestable video segments.

I'm confident that if  take the action taught on the course I can achieve my goal of becoming an Amazon seller."

Amazon Consultant

Tess Freeman, Mentoring Client

"Michael...thank you for a really useful session; it's so helpful to do the big picture vision stuff with you - as well as go through the detail... always incredibly helpful...

I think your training will be excellent, to fill a huge void in the UK for decent Amazon education - with a healthy dose of realism, integrity and practicality. In line with your podcast strategy...Thanks again. Tess

Warren Gilham, £1.8M/yr Amazon Seller

Working with Michael was and continues to be an outstanding experience.  If like me starting up in Private Label looked a little like an expedition to climb Everest, then fear not you have come to the right place. 


Michael works you through the process stage by stage at a pace to suit you.  I have no doubt that the cost of my mentoring has been covered by the mistakes I have avoided alone.  So much better to learn through others mistakes than your own. 

Tim Payne, £1M/Yr Amazon Private Label Seller

Michael is a thought leader in a variety of essential e-commerce disciplines. He has a great skill at bringing people together to provide training and mentoring that really works. 

I've been part of his Mastermind program for a couple of years now and can honestly say that the progress I have made in my business would not have happened without exposure to Michael's dynamic mentoring strategies.