Principles of Writing Great Listings with Emma Schermer Tamir
Principles of Writing Great Listings with Emma Schermer Tamir

Principles of Writing Great Listings is surrounded by a degree of thoughtfulness to it. Properly optimising your listing can impact the bottom line.

Why it matters

The words you use matter for a host of reasons if you don’t know the principles of writing great listing.

  • Keywords may not rank if you don’t get the right ones
  • Properly optimising your listing can impact the bottom line of your business. 

Some RESULTS (numbers) blended with quick client case study (a.k.a story)

Worked with a client in June – CVR was 25.61% 

After optimisation increased to 37% and stayed there

That means more of the people will be purchasing.

That was a change of 

  • Reassessing the keywords 
  • Creating a core listing
  • Upgraded to EPC
  • Infographics with great text

This client didn’t create new images!

The EBC was new but the words were more powerful when you know the principles of writing great listing.

Rule of thumb for infographic text 

If you need to zoom in to read, it’s too much text

The text should emphasis 1-2 key points

Words matter to different shoppers to differing degrees. 

Some casual visual shoppers may still be put off by

  • Incomplete information 
  • Bad spelling or grammar

This gives them a chance to use the competition

 A lot of the times, we have unconscious triggers to worry about the customer. 

We don’t want any question marks or mistrust



What makes Emma different from other copywriters is obsessive curiosity. 

Always reading varied topics. Emma is far more of a generalist – and this can be a great advantage when it comes to marketing. 

Not only do we market different products but to varied types of people. 

Certain types of people making certain types of decisions need certain things

Writing =structure as well as words

If you’re creating a FaceBook ad or a landing page

If there is something incongruent between your tone in the FaceBook ad and the amazon listing, that can be very off-putting. 

You need a cohesive story and you need someone to be in charge of all of that when you know the principles of writing great listing. 

Building Brand Equity

If you’re wanting to sell your business or expand off Amazon, it’s going to be harder if you’re not clear about all this stuff. 

Company Culture

If you’re not clear about the culture you want, it’s much more challenging to reverse engineer things.

Whereas if you hire very intentionally, and the same is true for a brand.

If you’re thoughtful about what you eventually want to achieve.

It should have more value to it.

Be the architect more than just the writer

As 3rd party merchants come under more scrutiny, it’s important to appear legitimate 

  • There is more of a trust issue
  • Even something as simple as coffee products
    • There are so many types of coffee drinkers
    • And so many 

Gaining Trust

If you are selling something topical eg: cosmetics 

Or something ingestible with humans or animals. 

You need to double and triple-check everything 

 – you need to be a reputable brand

Their site is hosted on Shopify – there are little cards that show you how to facilitate higher Conversion rates

Conversion optimisation


  • One talks about the guarantee
  • Everyone knows if you’re Prime, you get a 30-day guarantee
  • It shows that you stand behind the product

Don’t try to be all things to all people

Trying to be all things to everything  – if you have people who shouldn’t be purchasing products you’ll get issues

  • It’s more work
  • It can affect your account with high returns
  • It’s creating a bad customer experience
    • It’s still inconvenient 

Deep Dive Listing Creation Guide

This is an exercise with a lot of questions 

It’s helpful for those just starting off

But it’s also great if you’re 3,4, 10 years in business if you are lacking direction and a unifying theme. 

It’s a great time to reflect on where you’re trying to accomplish with 


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2 free photo texts (infographic) 

Valid with any listing optimisation purchase 

Link for Market deep dive – prelude to Listing  worksheet (listing optimisation)

  • Who your customer is.
  • How your product fits into the space.
  • Good if trying to develop a brand – eg sell coffee products but maybe keto diet info needed

Even if you don’t download this, start asking “Why?” 

“Why does that matter?” 

“What should someone care about that?”

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