Podcast Guest Info

Thank you!

Thank you so much for booking in an interview. I’m really looking forward to it.

If you could spare 90 minutes, that would be amazing as then we could create 2-3 X15-20 minute segments focussed around particular topic areas.
This gives you and your company more exposure.

Video interview tips

Please note: I generally do a video interview, as I said, which I then have put on youtube and iTunes (as a Video podcast), and then an audio podcast (on iTunes) and blog post are created from that.
So that gives you 4 forms of exposure to audience.

You don’t have to have professional lighting or makeup, but whatever you can do to give bright lighting and a clean background is helpful.

Conferencing Technology

I use Zoom these days. If you haven’t used Zoom before – Zoom is similar to Skype but way better.

At the time of our interview, just click on the following URL


– if you haven’t used Zoom before, you will be prompted to download it.  It should then take you to the relevant virtual “Meeting Room”.

If you need to input it, my Meeting ID is 325-023-5890.

When you have logged into Zoom,  remember to unmute yourself and turn on your video!

 – if you DO have Zoom installed on your computer, it should open the app

PLEASE make a note of this URL in your calendar!

Please note – if you haven’t used Zoom before – Zoom is NOT like Skype in this way: I will only be available on Zoom at the agreed time. It is basically an online meeting room, NOT a video/audio phone channel.

For quick back and forth contact, the best thing is to contact me on Skype right now – Michaelmaestro2010 (I know, terrible user name!). That way, we can stay in touch if there are last-minute issues.


On the audio side, if you can use USB headset, you will get better quality than with a built-in laptop audio or phone audio. The best thing of all is a USB mic.

If you are using your phone then bud earphones are probably good enough. I’m very wary of battery-powered anything for recording significant and lengthy material. If you must use earbuds AND they are battery powered, please at least double check they are fully charged before recording.

I’m afraid I can’t accept the built-in microphone from a laptop or desktop as the quality is too far off broadcast quality.

Sorry if this all seems fussy – but in 2020 and beyond, Podcasting is mainstream and expectations among listeners have risen.


If you are more comfortable with a pre-prepared list of Qs, I’m happy to do that but please email me at least 48 hours before recording.

I often feel these days that the conversation flows better if you don’t know all the questions up front.  It’s really up to you.


You will get quite a few reminders of the podcast date and time via the ScheduleOnce system.

Can you be sure that on the day of the podcast interview, you have Skype available for about an hour before the recording if possible? It’s reassuring to touch base.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything at michael@amazingfba.com; however I generally check that once a day max. So for quick responses, please Skype me at michaelmaestro2010.

Look forward to talking to you in person!

best wishes,


Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA host
Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA Host