Paul’s journey with Amazon came at the tail end of what would eventually become a failed experiment as a brick-and-mortar restaurateur. Like so many Amazon sellers, he was driven to the platform due to a growing need for supplemental income as his restaurant business receded from three stores to one. Just six months after deciding to pursue selling on Amazon, Paul exited the restaurant sector and began working full time in the online retail industry. Less than three years later, he’s licensing with Disney, Nickelodeon and the Whatif Monster.

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264 License Meaning and How it Works with Paul Miller Part 2 of 2
Licensing can be an incredibly complex topic, so make sure if you’re considering licensing a property from any brand, big or small, that you consult with a legal advisor. This episode along with Next Level Licensing’s three-part course can be an excellent jumping-off point into the world of licensing, but there’s no substitute for a quality legal professional by your side.

263 The Anatomy of a Licensing Deal with Paul Miller Part 1 of 2
The world of product licensing can be a murky place, but licensing a piece of intellectual property can bring credibility and prosperity to your brand. Our guest today is Paul Miller of Next Level Licensing and CozyPhones. He’s an incredibly experienced Amazon seller and one of the industry’s foremost experts on product licensing. Paul has made millions using licensing as an integral piece of his business model.