Partnership Enquiries

Are you a service-provider for Amazon or eCommerce sellers?

My experience of partnerships with other Amazon service providers is very positive indeed. It’s been the bedrock of our work on the podcasts. That’s why I suggest you strongly consider it if you’re a service provider for Amazon or eCommerce sellers.

Scaling a business via Advertising is risky – you may get zero ROI – and is tough on cashflow – even if it works, you’re likely to make sales at least days, possibly weeks or months after the cash is spent.

Using partnerships (including affiliate relationships) to scale sales lowers your risk; and it flips the cashflow in your favour! There’s no payment upfront, so if no sales are made, you lose little. And if sales do get made, you usually pay money after the sale is confirmed. Win-win indeed.

In short, partnerships with other companies or people who have your ideal audience  can be lucrative, enjoyable and low-risk.

We have wider partnership arrangements with a wide variety of Amazon Agencies, Service Providers and SaaS for Amazon/eCommerce businesses. This can range from simple affiliate deals to deeper relationships.

At this stage we try to be selective in our partners. That’s because we want to ensure that our audience is given high quality recommendations and referrals; and because we want to serve our existing partners well, and treat them respectfully. So if you do want to consider working with us, we would appreciate some detail.

Next steps towards partnership

If you feel this could be a match, please email us

Please include “Partnership enquiry” in the subject line. Please tell us what you do, provide links to relevant web pages; and please also help us understand clearly what makes your offer stand out from the competition.

While the affiliate deal on offer is helpful to know about, the quality and uniqueness of your work are more important. First and foremost, we aim to serve our audience with quality services – whoever delivers them.

Thanks for considering working with us – we look forward to reading your suggestions and proposals.

Podcast Sponsorship

Podcast sponsorship can be one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a highly-targetted and highly engaged audience. Really no other medium offers an audience that regularly consumes 30 straight minutes of content. Compare it to the attention span on Facebook or even YouTube and the benefits are obvious.

Our audience is tightly focussed around the Amazon/eCommerce space. We have a Transatlantic audience with a healthy addition of Australian listeners plus a smattering of Canadian, German and India listeners.

With up to approx 800-1000 downloads per episode across the Amazing FBA and 10K Collective Podcast Channels (we can explain how that works if you want to explore further), while our audience is compact in size, it is has proven engaged and responsive to the right offers over its 5 years.

What’s possible

From time to time, limited advertising sponsorship advertising space is available on the Amazing FBA and 10K Collective Podcasts. We generally offer 20-30 second pre-roll ads (after the intro music), or post-roll ads (after the main content). We may consider mid-roll ads (in the middle of a podcast) only for the right partners at a higher price point (since it interrupts the audience experience more).

We review any applications carefully to ensure a fit both for your company and for the audience. But if there is a fit, it can be a very fruitful way to gain awareness, leads and sales.

Next steps

If you feel this could be something that would work for your business, please email us

Please include “Podcast Sponsorship Enquiry” in the subject line.
Please tell us what you do, and provide links to relevant web pages; and please also help us understand clearly what you are looking to gain as well as what makes you good at what you do.

We’ll follow up to let you know if we feel we can help you; if there is any advertising inventory available. And of course, if so, we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

Thanks in advance for considering working with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please note: we have very limited advertising spaces available at any given point. So please don’t give up on us if we are full when you enquire. Our experience is that it’s worth planning for the longer term with these relationships!

Michael Veazey