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November 17, 2020

Outsourcing Your eCommerce Business

If you’ve ever considered outsourcing your eCommerce business, now would be a good time to get started. Outsourcing your eCommerce business is the first step to freeing up your business to reach new heights. It also frees up your life so that you can actually enjoy being a business owner!

In this article, we’re going to show you how outsourcing your eCommerce business works.

The Benefits of Outsourcing eCommerce

Outsourcing your eCommerce business can be one of the best ways to free up time, grow, and scale. It makes your business more efficient by cutting costs and placing tasks in the hands of qualified persons. This way, you can stay competitive and improve your finances, revenue, and workflow.

Save Money

The biggest benefit of outsourcing your eCommerce business to remote freelancers is cost savings. Hiring freelancers is a lot cheaper than hiring employees, to whom you must pay full salaries and benefits, for whom you must pay taxes, not to mention the time and energy you or your in-house team will spend and training them. Depending on your current setup, you may also have to rent additional office space and purchase new equipment and furniture.

When you aren’t in a position to expand your in-house staff, hiring freelancers allows you to still expand your human resources. You will not have to cut costs in other ways that affect employee morale and production and delivery quality.

Save Time

Outsourcing your eCommerce business tasks allows you to focus more of your time on the things that move the needle forward. This may include customer research, development, outreach, and brand influence. It also allows you more time to work on yourself, which can only be a good thing for you and your business.

Outsourcing your eCommerce business also means that you won’t have to take care of tasks yourself or overburden your existing staff, causing them to be unproductive. As they save time to focus on their core capabilities, they become more efficient and you’ll see a boost in productivity and morale. As the staff functions better, customers become more confident and sales and satisfaction increase. Staff will also be less likely to rush, making sure that everything is running smoothly.

Access To a Bigger Pool Of Candidates

When you hire from a remote talent pool, you get the top picks every time. You are not bound by geographic or time zone limitations. When you hire freelancers, you can onboard the specific skills and credentials that you need with ease.

Remote hiring can also be a stepping stone to onboarding full-time employees. By hiring on an hourly basis, you save money as you test hires on a probationary basis. When you find the right ones, you can bring them on full-time, and possibly even have them move to be part of your in-house team.

In the area of flexibility, you will also be able to hire for tasks that do not require 40 hours every week. You can find freelancers who are highly qualified for the tasks and not have to pay them a full salary like you would if you hired locally. This works for sporadic and seasonal tasks and short-term needs.

Scale More Quickly

By outsourcing your eCommerce business, you gain the ability to start on new projects faster, since you don’t need to be ready to hire new employees. Outsourcing gives you immediate access to a large pool qualified candidates from around the world.

This also allows your team to build on its skillset. In-house workers can learn new skills from contractual employees and eventually take over. You can also actually run your entire company with a remote group of freelancers, never hiring in-house staff. This allows you to use overhead to feed into your expansion plans.

Hiring freelancers also frees you from the burdens of managing staff when your business requires you to hire and let go of employees depending on how business is going throughout the year. Hiring remote is not regulated and you can therefore hire and let go of contractors without all the red tape.

eCommerce Tasks to Outsource

You can outsource almost any task that you need done for your business. It’s important, however, to know where to start to take the best advantage of this opportunity. Below you will find the process and the order in which you should outsource tasks.

Focus on Core Operations

Every eCommerce business has several overarching areas that are its heartbeat. Within each of these areas, there will be several tasks that you can easily outsource without spending too much money. These tasks are also usually the most time-consuming, and should therefore be passed off first to free up more time. Here are a few of those tasks:

  1.       Inventory management and fulfillment
  2.       Product listing and uploads
  3.       Customer service, returns, and refunds

Move on to Specialized Tasks

Other areas that require greater expertise are the second tier to outsource. For instance:

  1.       Technical development (e.g. setting up your Amazon Storefront)
  2.       SEO and PPC
  3.       Marketing and advertising

Steps to Outsource Your eCommerce Business

Start with the one task that creates the most tension within your business. This may be one of the above tasks, or another, similar one. It will usually be the one that takes up a lot of time and often gets done sloppily because there are more pressing concerns.

Create A Job Posting

Create a task post with a keyword-rich title and a detailed description. With the title, you want to attract the right candidates straight away by telling them exactly what is required – e.g., specific task, experience, English fluency. This will also repel unwanted candidates who don’t have the right qualifications.

In the description, lay everything out about what you need done and how you want it done. Include your budget and the hours that you need for the task. This is important because the most qualified freelancers will not want to waste their time applying if they don’t even know what the compensation will be for hours worked.

Use A Freelance Marketplace

Find the freelance marketplace that works best for you. Think about how you operate and what you need. For instance, if you want to be able to hire fast without going through dozens of applications, choose a fast-hire marketplace like FreeUp. If you prefer to have more options to choose from and don’t mind conducting dozens of interviews, choose a platform like Upwork. If you like auction-style hiring or need a small one-off project, you can choose a platform like 99designs or Fiverr.

Put your task post up on the marketplace, wait for candidates to apply and conduct interviews with the top ones.

Schedule An Interview

You want to prepare for the interview with questions that clear up any areas that you need to know about before you make a hire. Allow the candidates space to ask you questions as well. Try to formulate questions that require more than one-work answers so you can get a better feel for what the candidates are like. Most importantly, you want to hire based on the candidate’s soft skills like attitude and flexibility rather than hard skills. Then hire the best one.

Start The Onboarding Proces

Onboard the hire so that they become familiar with the other people on your team and with the way you run your business. Once they have been integrated, move on to hire for the next task and so on until all the roles are filled.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing your eCommerce business can be the best move you make. It can save you money and time while giving your business an infusion of talent that you could not otherwise have access to so that you can grow and scale faster without breaking the bank.

Today’s Writer – Matt Harrison

Matt Harrison is the VP of Strategy of FreeUp, the preeminent freelance marketplace for hiring high quality, vetted talent. He has hired freelancers from around the world and built teams to service multinational brands resulting from over $100 million in web hosting company acquisitions. He currently lives in St. Petersburg, FL.

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