Off Amazon Channels with Chris Scrimgour of Payoneer - Amazing FBA - How to sell on Amazon UK
Off Amazon Channels with Chris Scrimgour of Payoneer

Let’s be honest here. Most Amazon sellers at some point want to get off Amazon. In short, they have a love-hate relationship with Amazon. They love the scale, fast growth and convenience of selling on Amazon. But above all, they are afraid. Afraid of the risk of their best-selling product, or even their entire account, being suspended overnight.

For those using FBA,  they are now either worried that they will not be allowed to ship enough units into Fulfilment Centres; or they are worried that once there, their products might languish for weeks under the twin pressures of Q4 and COVID. 

So how to derisk? And more positively, how to build an off-Amazon brand that creates a real feel of a legitimate brand? And can lead to higher multiples for your business sale? 

One major answer is to expand to off Amazon sales channels. 

Chris Scrimgour of Payoneer is heading up (for the UK and Western Europe)  an exciting new programme of partnership with multiple new marketplaces. We get a few tantalizing glimpses of what’s out there and address some of the practical challenges involved in genuinely diversifying your business off Amazon.


You’ll Learn:

  • What marketplaces are out there
  • Where you can start based on aspirations and capabilities
  • How to decide what marketplace is fit for you
  • The minimum you need to have in place for stock management across multiple marketplaces
  • The things you need to have in place to be able to do this at a bigger scale


With Green Channel acting as the matchmaker between sellers and marketplaces, Payoneer ensures sellers are onboarded efficiently as well as receive special attention from the marketplaces they’re introduced to. This can include special discounts on commission rates, free ads packages, a global ecosystem of support for logistics, warehouse, ERP, local influence and traffic. Of course, having received Payoneer’s stamp of approval, marketplaces are keen to work with those sellers who come highly recommended. This whole process makes the transition to selling on a new marketplace much quicker and smoother.


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