Neil Curran of Regional Express Episode 3 Amazon FBM for e-commerce - Amazing FBA - How to sell on Amazon UK
Neil Curran of Regional Express Episode 3 Amazon FBM for e-commerce

Amazon FBM Prime is a growing trend. Learn about the pitfalls and how to deal with the issues that come up when we do FBM.

Why do FBM?

The growing number of customers are looking for alternatives to FBA – at reduced costs.

Amazon places a lot of restrictions, especially for Oversized packages.

Amazon  Seattle sales team recommending them for oversized stuff that Amazon can’t or won’t handle.

This is a fast-growing area for Regional Express is Amazon FBM for e-commerce.

What are the main pitfalls in doing own fulfilment (FBM) as opposed to FBA?

Chinese manufacturers advertise on Amazon and then fulfil from China – takes 1-3 weeks to get delivered.

May not got Prime badge.

Neil is working with Amazon to become a Prime fulfilled warehouse themselves.

There is an application process and a trial period. If you hit the KPIs you can become known as a seller fulfilled Prime expert.

Other companies may have cut-offs for next-day delivery. Eg: received after 2 pm in the afternoon, will get processed the next day. So won’t ever be Prime eligible. And low customer service levels.

So you’ll need to have fulfilment partners who can get an order out next day including orders up to midnight for Amazon FBM for e-commerce.

Common warehousing mistakes 

Timing is the main factor.

Stock control

Getting out of stock without seeing why.

Stock control can be an issue – manual stock control  eg thinking they have 100 units in stock but when you check it

If you have a proper WMS (Warehouse Management System) in place, that should eradicate those issues.

That is group software – online and automated management system. They can see SKUs and products listed there. It’s completely electronic so when they receive a shipment, goods are put into a rack or pick area.

Any orders that come through are put through scanners for Amazon FBM prime.

You don’t necessarily have to put a barcode on the product for Regional Express – can do it by numbers etc.

They can create SKUs.

Picking things wrongly

How do you deal with issues like wrong product being sent out?

It could be that labelling is wrong or wrong product in the wrong bay.

They will run a report.

The warehouse will go and check the bay and the product label.

They turn around those problems within 24 hours.

Are there are specific Issues in Germany?

No, it’s very similar to the UK.

Eco-fulfilment service

Neil has a large client base and they are getting more aware of the effect of products on the environment. The packaging is the main area for Amazon FBM for e-commerce.

Regional Express is trying to get more environmental packaging. No plastic service. Cardboard, paper, compostable materials.

Eco-Friendly pallet wrap.

If you’re using single-use plastics, you need to get the manufacturer to change those. But they can pack in a way that is more eco-friendly. It’s really taken off.

One final piece of advice on logistics?

Just spend a little time doing your research when expanding to a new marketplace. It doesn’t need to be a worry if you work with experts in the field.

The cheapest option isn’t always the best option!

Neil offers free insurance coverage – if anything does go wrong eg damage/loss of cargo.


How do people explore working with Regional Express?

Please feel free to get in touch with Neil:

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