Nadine Eich of Enida

Nadine got her start as a freelance VA. She then met Gil F. Lang from Private Label Journey and began her ventures as an entrepreneur. Realizing there was a massive untapped market in Amazon Customer Service, she and another freelancer teamed up to start providing Amazon Customer Service as a service, and now 12 employees later they’re providing quality customer service to countless sellers all across the Amazon sphere.


268 Growing Your eCommerce Team with Nadine Eich Part 2 of 2
Today we’re diving into part two of my interview with Nadine to speak about retaining outsourcers and growing an ecommerce team. 
Systems and processes are crucial to maintaining good workflow as you grow your business. This episode is jam-packed with tools and strategies for doing just that.

267 Finding Great Outsourcers with Nadine Eich Part 1 of 2
If you’re a poor communicator like me, hiring a virtual assistant and maintaining a productive and happy relationship can be difficult. On this instalment of the podcast, we’ll dive into tips and tricks for hiring along with some incredible strategies for interacting with VAs in a way that keeps them motivated, fulfilled, and employed.

171 Selling in Amazon Germany with Nadine Eich – Part 2 of 2
Today we’re discussing the challenges and opportunities of the German Amazon listings as well as selling in Amazon Germany. After all, brilliant customer service is great but you’ve got to have the listings up to sell to get customers in the first place.

170 Amazon Germany Customer Service with Nadine Eich of Enida – Part 1 of 2
Today we’ve got Nadine Eich from Germany. Nadine runs a virtual assistant agency for Amazon sellers called Enida and she’s here to share her tips for selling and Amazon Germany customer service