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February 25, 2020

Multichannel Campaign Management with Rytis Lauris

On this podcast, Rytis Lauris will be talking about improving your multichannel campaign management using SMS, Facebook Messenger, synch with Google and Facebook Ads.

Why SMS Marketing is essential in multichannel campaign management?

The SMS Click rate of 14%

600% higher order rate than email campaigns

21% more via SMS campaigns

The open rate is very high as long as there is a higher level of intimacy

But it is more challenging to get permission

You need to promise not to spam them

It is very easy to unsubscribe now

Usually, people who have subscribed via SMS

How do you ascribe value to a multi channel platform?

SMS tends to be the inner circle of your brand advocates.

The list will be much smaller compared to email.

So use SMS to communicate with your best customers.

You can go further and connect your SMS with your support chat if you have SMS support.

Email lists – second circle 

Existing customers

Those just visited

Facebook or Google ads – “the third circle”

The point of the list

Why is it important to have a multi channel platform organised together?

Usually, organisations use 5 different tools to run marketing via 5 different channels.

If you start 5 different camp’s via

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Messenger
  • FaceBook ads etc.

You start flooding customers with messages

So it’s really important to put all customers

How do we go from pretty much manual selling to automate?

If you have 100,000s of customers, you have to have an automated system.

In some channels, you can have two-way communications,

Eg messenger

Eg2 customer support

Trigger-based brings things closer to a personalised experience

Personalisation and relevance are really important. So it’s worth the effort.

Starting points

Approach 1 – add one channel a=t a time

Start with say, take your email campaign and add a one-second channel.

Then add a third channel, analysis it, play with it, test it,

Approach 2- Marketing Channel Strategy Combos for specific purposes

Eg SMS is a great primary channel for order followup

Have a clear picture of the customer journey

Which moment?

How do we get a clear picture of the customer journey?

We need to analyse our own customer data.

Initially, you need to get a single customer view that is very clear.

Pick some customers and analyse them one by one

Then based on your insights, build segments

You should be able to communicate in different ways as needed

  • Promotional messages
  • Transactional messages

The classic customer journey

Most start by visiting websites  – so retention marketing starts there.

The first goal is to convert them to a subscriber.

The second stage is to convert subscribers or those showing intent to buyers.

The next stage is to convert from a buyer to a repeat buyer.

Funnels and automation 

Don’t put all your customer base on one funnel or one automation

Example of starting this process

You probably want about 15-20,000 subscribers across various channels

It also depends on how many SKUs you have in your store.

The fewer you have, the simpler it is to build automation.

Say one business is selling a few SKUs in the CBD oil markets.

Customers are pretty loyal.

Those who google this product shows some decent

A visitor to subs conversion 

So their goal is to convert visitors to subscribers

They are playing a lot with individualised popups depends on

–  time on site

  • Different page eg different product

The sales cycle is quite long 

6 months to reorder

So they work with ways to shorten this eg buying a product as a gift.

Usually something related to the first product – promote something complementary because the product is still being used.

How to learn more from Rytis and Omnisend

Omnisend.com – can find a lot of articles

The resources page is there too – download a lot of white papers including SMS, email stats.

Email: rytis@omnisend.com or LinkedIn or Twitter


Watch my full interview with Rytis Lauris

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