Thanks for booking for a Million Pound Mastermind meeting

Looking forward very much to your contribution - and to helping you!

We'll be aiming to help you achieve

Inspiration - sharing the highs (and lows) of business with people who understand your life. 

Clarity - exactly where the issues and opportunities are. Are they at a strategic or tactical level?

Focus - where to put your energy over the next month, quarter or even year. What is going to really move the needle?

Insider Information - plenty of people will bombard you with tactics and hacks. But there is no substitute for being in a room with collectively hundreds of SKUs in the marketplace to find out the reality not the theory of what is and isn't working. 

What to do next

  • Please check your emails in case anything changes. You'll get automatic email reminders about meeting time, date and venue. 
  • Please check for SMS messages - you'll be reminded just before the meeting (assuming you ticked the box to be updated)
  • If you need to cancel, please do so as far in advance as possible* (see refund policy at the bottom of the page)
  • IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL, please do it via the Scheduleonce system (you'll get a cancellation link in each email). 
  • Plan your travel - we will be starting punctually.

TO prepare for your hot-seat: before you come to the meeting please:

  • Focus - pick ONE Win that you would like to share with the group. It could be a new tactic eg for ranking or reviews. It could be a strategic shift eg emphasis on influencer marketing as a traffic strategy.
    - Plus pick a challenge, or one opportunity, that will really move the needle for your business, where you need some input or feedback.
  • Gather the intel: Check the relevant stats and other relevant info, like images or copy, and bring it ready to roll. You'll give more to the group with your win - and with your challenge, get much more focussed feedback, and the group as a whole will benefit too. 

Sorry if this is a bit  boring - but I just want to have clear expectations for our work together.It's all part of running a tight ship, with hand-picked, great people. 

The result is all worth it, I promise! 

My promise: that I'll work really hard for you to make this the most valuable set of eCommerce-related events that you have ever attended. 

Let's make this happen!
Best wishes, 


Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA host

Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA Host

*Refund Policy

I want to be sensible about this. I'm not here to take money off anybody in return for no value. That said, I do have to account for both the very real costs of venue hire (and food, where included) plus my time and that of my team, who are gradually getting more involved in running the nuts and bolts. 

So my compromise is this: you'll get 75% of the money back if you cancel up to 7 days before the event, and 50% back if you cancel within 4 days. 

Please try not to cancel; and especially not late. I know life intervenes in all plans occasionally - but I will have to take that into account when reviewing who should, and who should not, be part of the group. 
I can't afford to run things on a shaky basis, and above all, the group will benefit from the maximum commitment from each member. 

Hope that all makes sense!

If in doubt, please please communicate with me (PM me for urgent matters) and we can usually find a way to make sense of most situations.