Have you already turned over at least $25,000* on Amazon in TOTAL?

*or Pound or Euro equivalent

If the answer is no, I’m afraid you don’t qualify for this programme. You may need the Zero to Launch Mentoring programme, which is geared to those who haven’t got product live yet.

What’s the goal?

Simple. To 5X your business revenue within 18 months of starting this programme.


What does the programme consist of?

A one-year ultra-intensive programme with the following basic elements:

  • 2 X 3 hour face to face meetings
  • a 1-hour online session every week except 8 (so 44 sessions)
  • Reasonable email support
  • Reasonable Skype support 6 days a week
  • Plus one year’s free membership of the 25K Club Mastermind         (Value: £900; Cost to you in this programme: Nothing)


How much money will I need for inventory? (in addition to training)

Frankly, quite a bit. It depends on your ambition, but as a real minimum, £10,000 in initial capital (in addition to your current stock) and over £1000 a month in additional capital for at least a year. Obviously, if you want to scale up from $10k to $50k a month , you need more capital than you would to go from $5k to $25k a month.


What does it cost?

There are two payment options for this one-year programme:

  1. Pay £2970 twice (so pay once every 6 months)- total, £5,490= £495 a month
  2. Pay monthly – £600 a month. (total £7,200)


How do I apply?

If you have achieved the $25K total Amazon turnover, congratulations! But I’m afraid there is nowhere to apply for this programme. At the moment, this programme is in Beta and is available by invitation only to hand-picked mastermind members.

If you’d like to be considered for the waiting list, email me and let me know what makes you stand out.