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Struggling with Amazon Product Research, China Sourcing or Product Listing ? 
Can’t make sense of your Seller Central numbers? Your finances? Your business strategy?

I can help.

I’ve been selling on Amazon since December 2014 and have sold, along with business partners, around $250,000 on Amazon. I’ve been mentoring Amazon sellers since April 2016 . I’ve helped my mentees to earn  $10s of thousands in extra income. Equally importantly, I saved them thousands from avoiding poor markets, or poor physical products or suppliers.


Charlotte Ellis, Amazon Mentoring Client

“It’s still early in my Amazing FBA journey, but… Michael’s input has accelerated my Amazon progress by probably around six months, based on the speed of the trial and error process I was using to navigate the waters of FBA prior to this.

Investing in the Amazing FBA mastermind and private calls has sky rocketed my Amazon activity, and has given me the ability to set goals, and the confidence that I will reach them. Meaning my Amazon business has just taken a giant leap closer to achieving my ambition of allowing me to be time and location independent in my work.

Could not recommend more highly.”

Charlotte Ellis

Mentoring Client & Zero to Hero Mastermind Member


I’ve held their hands through  the following processes many many times now and helped them to:

1. Pick more winning products,

2. Find great suppliers who are reliable, responsive and make quality products

3. Get their products imported safely

4. Launch and rank their product to be found by Amazon shoppers

5. Optimize their listing for better conversions -more profit, better ranking and quicker sales.

6.  Drive traffic profitably through Amazon ads, and weed out loss-making keywords.

7. Solve issues from Legal action to Amazon account suspension

There are only 4 qualifications you MUST have to be considered for the mentoring programme:

  1. Enough money to start a private Label business (so at least £5,000 for inventory as a  minimum PLUS a few hundred for overheads)
  2. Enough time to devote to it (minimum 20 hours a week)
  3. The willingness to commit for at least 6 months to the business model.
  4. From  August 1 onwards, I will only work with those who already have made at least £500 total lifetime turnover online (which is after all a tiny figure); OR at the least, who already have private label products on order

If you’re not yet at that stage, you may wish to join our Private Label online course (the date is because we are launching the Beta version of the course in early August).

Otherwise read on to answer some common questions.


What will we focus on?

It depends on where you’re at in your Amazon journey. 

If you’re just starting out with your first product, we may review your product research (Market research); check your Supplier choices; or develop or refine a launch strategy.  

Once you’re selling, we may review the marketing numbers on Seller Central; dig into your profit and loss; develop a branding strategy; review your listings to increase conversions – it depends on what you need. 

In all cases, we will focus on what will move your business forward as far and as fast as possible, while making realistic and calculated assessments. 

Amazon Mentoring in progress


Amazon Mentor, Amazon coach, amazon consultant

“ Thanks so much for your time earlier Michael, I really appreciate it. I already feel like I’m getting great value from these sessions with you… 
You’re helping me to take a step back and break those items down into meaningful and digestible tasks – I’m getting clarity where there hasn’t been any before. Being too close to issues, challenges and problems, I find that I relentlessly wrestle with things, without necessarily fixing them properly, because I’m too overwhelmed with everything that I need to doSo … thanks again!”

John T

Mentoring Client 

Who do you work with?

As this is time and energy intensive for me, I am careful who I work with.

You will need to have as a minimum:

  1. Money: at least £5000 for inventory over the 1st 12 months as a minimum PLUS a few hundred for overheads
  2. Time: minimum 20 hours a week for 6-12 months
  3. Commitment: The willingness to commit for at least 6 months to the business model. (You don’t have to use mentoring for that long – although I suggest we work together for at least 2-3 months).
  4. From  August 1 onwards, I will only work with those who already have made at least £500 total lifetime turnover online (which is after all a tiny figure); OR at the least, who already have private label products on order

If you’re not yet at that stage, you may wish to join our Private Label online course.

This course will take you from raw beginner to having your first private label product launched, over a period of 6-9 months. 

This will be available in fully fledged form from September (at a standard price of £395). This will be available in Beta testing for a select invited group from August 1 at half price – we may have 1 or 2 places left; if you want to be considered for that, just email me here  and I’ll add you to the list of people who want access. 

To find out more about the course, click here. 



Tess Freeman, Amazon mentoring Client“Michael…thank you for a really useful session; it’s so helpful to do the big picture vision stuff with you – as well as go through the detail…the masterminds…are always incredibly helpful as well.

I think your training will be excellent, to fill a huge void in the UK for decent Amazon education – with a healthy dose of realism, integrity and practicality. In line with your podcast strategy…Thanks again. Tess”

Tess Freeman

Mentoring Client & Zero to Hero Mastermind Member

What Do I Get?

This is an intensive one-to-one programme with Michael Veazey (you may occasionally work with my business partner, Rob Sleath, on his areas of expertise, including Shopify stores and photography, if you wish).
We will work together online or in person (if you can get to Hampstead, North London) for one hour a week for 4 weeks a month.

 You can also get reasonable email support. 

Plus you will have full access to the new Amazon Private Label video course and all the library of template documents and spreadsheets. 

What does this cost?

The full cost is £500 a month. This is a monthly recurring subscription, similar to a direct debit. 

If you subscribe for 3 months at a time, the cost will be £1200 for the quarter (equivalent to £400 a month).

This will only be available for the next two  people to be accepted, after which the cost will go to the new standard of £1500 per quarter.


Click here to find out more (FAQs)


Amazon Coach

“Working with Michael was and continues to be an outstanding experience.  If like me starting up in Private Label looked a little like an expedition to climb Everest, then fear not you have come to the right place. 
Michael works you through the process stage by stage at a pace to suit you.  I have no doubt that the cost of my mentoring has been covered by the mistakes I have avoided alone.  So much better to learn through others mistakes than your own. “

Warren Gilham 



Lee Newburn PortraitThe main reason I decided I would get a mentor was for accountability. Straight away, Michael was able to fill me with confidence in his knowledge and skills in the Amazon business world. 

I received support when needed at very short notice via email, and also the Skype calls were immensely invaluable because of the real time responses, and also the ability to screen share so we could converse over exactly what was going on . 

The only thing I would change about my experience with Michael as my mentor would be that I would have started the relationship earlier and had it for longer.

Overall, Michael’s mentoring was one of my best decisions with my Amazon business, not only was it an investment in my business, but it was an investment in my personal development and continual learning”

Lee Newburn

Mentoring Client

If you hit the criteria (you qualify to apply), and you know enough to go ahead and apply, just click the link below.


If you need more information first, please visit our FAQ page. 

Are you already selling over $25,000 a month (or equivalent) on Amazon?

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