Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA Host

Thanks so much for filling out the Application form for mentoring!

You’re nearly done! Just 2 more minutes…

The next stage is a 30-45 minute Strategy Consultation with me, Michael.

To book it, please just do the following

STEP 1: go to the link below (I suggest you read the instructions below for 60 seconds first)




STEP 2: Click on “Strategy Consult”

STEP 3:Confirm your time zone and click Next

STEP 4: Pick a date

STEP 5: Pick 1,2 or 3 time slots on that date by clicking in the checkboxes on the right next to the times.

(on the right you can pick time slots; under the calendar, you can see the times and dates confirmed)

(STEP 5.2 OPTIONAL – Pick new date)

(STEP 5.3 pick (a) new time slot(s) on that date)

Remember you are selecting max 3 slots  in total (so across ALL dates) for this interview

If you have made a mistake with the Time Zone,

Find the Time zone info (to the right of the word “Duration”

click the blue word “Change” next to the Time Zone info.

Do not use the Back Button on the browser unless you wish to start again.

6.  Fill in your name, email & mobile number, and Skype User Name and click DONE.

If you wish to change the times you have suggested:

Find the “2” in the greyed out circle, and  “Time: You have suggested”

Click the blue text “multiple times (Change)” to go back and change the times.

Do not use the Back Button on the browser unless you wish to start again.

(The system is linked with my personal diary and will automatically offer only times I am available).


I will then confirm a time (usually within 24 hours on business days) and you will be notified by schedule once by email and SMS.

 I look forward to taking more time to listen to your story, where you’ve come from and exploring how I could help you achieve your goals.

Really look forward to talking to you!

Best wishes, Michael

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