Matt began life as a working professional in the engineering industry and quickly came to the conclusion that working for someone else wasn’t for him. He started his career as an entrepreneur in the crowdfunding sector, and even built the top crowdfunding podcast Art of the Kickstart, only to realize businesses needing his services had no capital with which to pay him.  

Matt had connections in the Amazon sector, so he moved to China while working on building a laptop case that opened up into a standing desk, one thing led to another, and the rest is history. During that time he started The FBA ALLSTARS Podcast and continued to grow his Amazon company into what would rapidly develop into the business he sold for more than $1 million just one year.


260 eCommerce startup funding with Matt Ward
On the last episode of Amazing FBA, we talked with Matt Ward about his journey to building a seven-figure Amazon business and the process of selling it. This time, we’re sitting down to talk about eCommerce startup funding and Matt’s new venture called

259 Growing an Amazon business for sale with Matt Ward
Do you want to build an Amazon business that sells for more than seven figures just one year from the date of launch? Of course, you do! Well then listen up. On today’s episode of the show, I’ve brought in Matt Ward. He’s an expert on scaling fast, and he’s also the co-creator of the highly respected Amazon Podcast FBA ALLSTARS and the cryptocurrency capital solution