This mastermind is now only for those who are already selling $10,000 a month (or equivalent) on Amazon.  

If you don't yet have product live -or are selling a small amount per month - please check out the new mastermind:

Zero to Hero Mastermind​ -CLICK HERE

Our aim is simple:

We'll take you from Amazon Launch to FBA Legend!

From 6 figures a month to 7. From one or two products to a suite of products.

Here's how we do it:

  • Monthly "Hot-Seat" London Physical Group Meeting (North London)
    • Limited to 16 people at a time.
    • EVERYONE gets a hot seat EACH month.
  • **NEW** Monthly Accountability Group Video Call
    • We hold you to the promises you made us and yourselves!
  • **NEW** Monthly Newsletter "The Inner Circle Cutting Edge"
    • Tips, Tactics, and Strategies revealed ONLY to my inner circle
  • Exclusive Facebook Group of Action-Takers

Standard price will start at £97 a month.

You get all this at the Beta testing price of £49 if you sign up before the end of August 2017.

Because, my brave Beta Tester, you may experience the odd glitch.
If you do, please stay patient and email [email protected], and we'll sort you out pronto.

Look forward to speaking to you there, on calls and at meetings!

Let's make 2017 the year you kill it on Amazon!