"Your Amazing Listing Copy"

Quick  Wins Workbook 

Amazon Listing Optimization 

So, you've finally got your  Amazon products in stock...you've got a basic listing, so what next? Do you start cranking up PPC spend?

Not so fast. Really creating or optimizing your listing is crucial before you rush to launch. You'll get ranked (seen) more, convert better (more sales) - everything is better with a better listing.

That's why after over 20 months of intensive mentoring 1-one-1 and running mastermind meetings with real Amazon sellers,  I've created this free report to teach you the quick win ways to create or optimize your Amazon product listings.

Amazon Listing Workbook

Amazon Product Research Quick Guide.

  • WHAT REALLY MATTERS - Discover the myths versus experience! 
  • FIND EASY WINS -Get to the low-hanging fruit within minutes!
  • QUICK CHECKLIST A (surprisingly short) check-list you can use to audit any listing and evaluate what needs updating