John started as an engineer doing independent contracting. It wasn’t the life he wanted. He was looking for more money and more freedom, so he sourced his first product at the end of 2014 and went live the following February. Now he lives in Vietnam.

FBAFrontiers is a great course for Amazon sellers that know how to sell on Amazon and are looking into expanding into Europe. It’s five modules including template, determining if there’s a market, getting started in the EU, and much more. If you use my link,, for a special discount as well as a free call with John.

FBATranslations is a great service to translate Amazon listings without the mistakes of other tools. Again, use my link,, to get a great discount.

230 Amazon Europe – How to Access it with John Cavendish of FBA Frontiers

We’re talking with John Cavendish of FBA Frontiers about accessing Amazon Europe. For many of my American listeners, as well as some Brits, you might not be selling on Amazon Europe. There is a lot potential for sellers that are willing to put in the effort.

232 Translate website or Amazon listing with John Cavendish of FBA Frontiers

John Cavendish of FBA Frontiers talks about how to get into the Amazon Europe market and the best way to translate Amazon listings.