With Brexit on the horizon and U.S. imposing tariffs on Chinese imports, there couldn’t be a better time to expand your business to sell in Japanese on Amazon Japan. Japan offers FBA just like in the other major markets, the shipping costs from China to Japan are lower than to the US, UK or Europe, and Japan overtook the UK in 2017 to become the third largest Amazon marketplace in the world.


274 Amazon Japan for English Speakers – with John Cant of Rising Sun Commerce
I’ll admit that in light of Brexit and American tariffs on Chinese imports, Part 1 of our interview got me incredibly excited about the opportunities available to Amazon sellers in the Japanese marketplace. The process strikes me as much more straightforward than I’d have anticipated, and Japan is now the third largest economy and third largest Amazon Marketplace in the world. 

273 Sell in Japanese on Amazon Japan – with John Cant of Rising Sun Commerce
Today on Amazing FBA, I sit down with John Cant of Rising Sun Commerce. John is an expert on Amazon selling in Japanese. Having lived in Japan for five years from 2005 to 2010, he’s intimately familiar with not only what it takes to make money selling in Japanese Amazon Japan, but also with Japanese culture. What makes John an ideal guest for Amazing FBA is his background in e-commerce. He’s been running a UK based Amazon business for four years and selling in Japan for two.