It’s a family business that buys products from China. Joe started working there from age 21. He took over running the business and building a brand from his father aged around 25. They had a  Salesforce of 6 selling to brick and mortar stores -gradually, they stopped hitting sales targets, and left the business with high overheads. They made the move from bricks and mortar wholesale to retailing online about 6 years ago. Now they have their own online store that does around half the amount of  Amazon sales, but the majority of sales are made on Amazon.


266 eCommerce Strategy on Amazon with Joe Jaques Part 2 of 2
You need enough inventory in each product line. But you always want a spread of product lines. It’s a lot to manage, so there’s a balance to be struck and you want to spread your bets across lots of lines. One important piece of advice it to have a good numbers guy – that’s really important.

265 Joe Jaques’s Story of Building a Brand Part 1 of 2
Today, I am talking with a member of the $10k Collective about what it takes to be successful when building a brand on Amazon.